The Wolverine Beard Style: How to Grow, Examples, & More

wolverine beard

Like the Jack Sparrow beard, the Wolverine is a beard that has blossomed in popularity thanks to a movie series (X-Men). It’s considered a very cool beard style – equal parts rebel and sophistication if you will – and has earned ‘iconic status.’

The Wolverine beard style is a mix between mutton chops and a full beard depending on which “X-Men” movie you’re watching. If you’re wearing it like actor Hugh Jackman (“Wolverine”), then it doesn’t hurt to have disheveled hair and a ripped body.

What the Wolverine Says About You

The Wolverine exudes no shortage of confidence and it also has a somewhat feral quality, i.e., you’re fine in average social situations but you were also born to be wild.

It’s the kind of beard that makes women want to get romantic with you and men want to hang out with you.

Whether you can wear and embrace it in daily life is open for debate, but it’s certainly a style that will grab attention.

The Wolverine is also a great way for guys with patchy or uneven beards to fill in their patches without feeling self-conscious about their baby-faced appearance. This style can provide some help with concealment while still looking like a sexy, full beard anyone can be proud of. The key here is not to let your emotions get the best of you—growing out your full Wolverine can take some time and patience.

What Face Shape Best Suits the Wolverine?

An oblong face is a good match for the Wolverine, although an oval face provides a good foundation, as well. Then again, oval faces seem to provide a good foundation for just about any facial hair type.

The wolverine beard is definitely not for everyone. If you have a weak chin or a double chin, it might be best to avoid this beard style altogether. That’s because the thick and bushy stubble draws attention to your chin area. If you want to keep things neat and trim, consider growing a chinstrap instead.

If you have an oval face shape, then you fall into the majority of guys who can pull off this look without any problems. Oval faces are considered pretty much “ideal” because they are well-balanced and symmetrical, and there aren’t any features that stand out like a sore thumb.

How to Grow the Wolverine Beard

You’ll need a full beard to get started with this one. Once you’ve reached that point, it’s time to focus on your mutton chops.

You have some wiggle room here – i.e., you can tweak your personal mutton chop style – but the most common version is one that extends to the chin line with the shape of a “J.” That will give you the best Wolverine look.

Trim the sideburns regularly to keep them stylish and well-shaped.

Still have questions? Here’s a video that will show you Jackman’s Wolverine style:

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