The Balbo Beard Style: How to Grow, Guide, Examples, and More!

Balbo beard

Considering that it comes with three separate sections, the Balbo Beard is – in many ways – truly exceptional. Plus, more and more people are wearing it, which doesn’t make it ‘exceptional’ in and of itself, but that people like how they look while wearing the Balbo.

The Balbo comes with a fascist past (it was originated by former Mussolini henchman Italo Balbo), but style and politics certainly don’t have to mix. Although, when you think about it, not many people wear a Hitler-style mustache, for obvious reasons.

But here’s what the Balbo is: it’s a mustache combined with hair on the chin, including a soul patch.

The mustache doesn’t connect with the chin hair – which is in the extended goatee style – while the hair immediately under the lower lip is clean-shaven except for a small tuft of hair. Your cheeks are clean-shaven.

What the Balbo Beard Says About You

Balbo wearers are bold, stylish, and confident. If that’s not enough, the style itself is sexy to many women.

The Balbo beard is a unique facial hairstyle that is distinctive and has more style than the generic goatee. Known to be one of the most interesting facial hairstyles including the French Fork, Imperial and Wangfu, the Balbo beard style wants you to know: I’m confident, hip, stylish and well-groomed.

It describes an old-fashioned man with an undone look who’s both classy and bold. The Balbo beard design can be worn by both men and women.

What Facial Shape Best Fits the Balbo Beard?

The Balbo is a nice first for men with square and diamond shaped faces, but it also works for men with overall faces, as well.

How to Grow a Balbo Beard

Like with many beard styles, it’s best to let your regular beard grow for four to six weeks. It’s just a good idea to have plenty of hair to begin with before you start the trimming process.

Once you’ve done that, shave your beard (particularly on the cheeks) inward so that you achieve balance on either side of your face. Shave the area below your lower lip but leave the soul patch, which should meet the hair on your chin/goatee.

You can use an adjustable trimmer to shape the hair left over for your goatee.

What Famous People Wear the Balbo Beard?

Robert Downey Jr. has rocked the Balbo Beard look. And so did Mr. Balbo, before he perished in friendly fire in 1940.

robert downey jr balbo beard
Robert Downey Jr.
Source: http://blog.zobello.com
italo balbo beard
Italo Balbo

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