The Mutton Chops Style: How to Grow, Guide, Examples, and More!

The Mutton chops style

Mutton chops represent a facial hair style that may span many generations. When you see someone is wearing them, for instance, you may have visions of history books and photos of the past with long-ago politicians and statesmen – who frequently wore them.

But you also recall the man you just saw at the deli a few hours before who sported a healthy pair of mutton chops.

In other words, the mutton chops have a vintage look and style that never seems to go away no matter what generation. In their most common form, they’re full sideburns that extend to the corners of the mouth but aren’t connected by a mustache or chin hair.

They’re most often wider at the bottom than at the start. Other versions connect to a mustache to create a continuous line of hair.

What They Say About You

First of all, mutton chops are about the biggest statement you can make with your sideburns.

They indicate an interest in all things vintage, for example, or that you’re a working class kind of guy who figured, “What the hell? Let’s try mutton chops.” Bikers like them and 99.8% of bikers (in our unofficial poll) are secure in their manliness.

What Face Shape They Fit Best?

Mutton chops are great for men with round/oval faces, not so good for men with pointy chins. And, if you have a longer or thinner face, the bushier your mutton chops should be.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you need some hair on your cheeks. A clean-shaven face will not work with this stylistic choice. You need some facial hair growth to pull it off. In general, people with a wider face can do better with mutton chops than those with long faces, but that’s not always the case.

Keep in mind that if you have a long face, you’ll want to keep your cheek hair short or else you’ll end up looking like Wolverine, but we assume that’s what you were going for anyway! If so, carry on!

How to Grow Mutton Chops

It’s never a bad idea to grow a full beard before chopping and shaping it into an individual style like mutton chops.

If you’re unable to grow a good mustache, then stick with mutton chops that don’t come with the added accessory of hair above your lip.

To maintain your mutton chops you’ll need both a razor and trimmer. One of the most common mutton chop styles extends down to your chin line, while others will have a slight flare as it extends downward from its starting point.

Symmetry is crucial, so closely examine your mutton chops when you’re done trimming to make sure that they look equal.

Finally, always leave a generous area of whiskers when shaping your mutton chops for the first time. Doing so will leave you some wiggle room if you make mistakes.

Famous People Who Wear Mutton Chops

The “X-Men” movie franchise has helped mutton chops garner plenty of attention thanks to the character “Wolverine.”

John Lennon sported an excellent set of mutton chops, while Civil War hero and industrialist Ambrose Burnside has – rightly or wrongly – been credited as being an originator of the style.

wolverine mutton chops
Hugh Jackman as “The Wolverine”
john lennon mutton chops
John Lennon
Source: http://www.manrepeller.com

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