5 Reasons Bald Men Need a Beard + Top Bald with Beard Styles

bald with a beard

For lots of men, losing your hair feels like the end. What else can be done, now? How could you possibly salvage a respectable modicum of style from this most tragic of all fates?

Some simply give up the ghost, focus on their personality, or try to avoid reflective surfaces. But for a growing number of men, a light has appeared at the end of the hair-thinning tunnel:

We call it bald with a beard.

Now, shaving your head for the first time can be a pretty terrifying thing – what shape is my head? Can I use my normal razor?? Won’t my head just look upside down?

But most men who suck it up and shave it off suddenly find they are free: no more anxiety, no more hiding behind hats, no more shame. And they’re also privy to a whole new world of style and grooming.

Why do you need a beard? There are a lot of reasons. Maybe your balding is severe and it’s better to cover up those shiny spots than to spend hours on styling products. Maybe the people in your industry expect you to have facial hair. Or, maybe you just had a bad experience with wax strips and are tired of spending money on razors. Whatever the reason, this post will give you some top beard styles for when you’re going bald.

Growing a beard with a bald head is one of the more exciting trends in men’s style and grooming, and it’s easy to see why:

No beard:

john travolta bald


john travolta bald wit ha beard
Source: https://www.lafm.com.co/

No beard:

bryan cranston shaved
Source: https://parade.com/


bryan cranston bald with a beard
Source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/

It draws attention away from your bald head – in fact, it makes it a feature. Plus it gives you a whole new kind of masculinity and personality – not to mention providing a novel opportunity to shape your own styling destiny.

After so many months and years of increasingly little to work with on their heads, men who shave their heads and start focusing on their beard find they suddenly have incredible control over how they look and what they do with their hair.

It is easier, for example, to improve your beard growth. In fact, even men who really struggle can fix their beard growth with a little help.

With some expert guidance and the right tools, you will suddenly be able to take total control of your beard in a way few men can cut and style their own hair to perfection.

So what’s stopping you?

Well, as great as the bald with beard look can be, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing:

Every man has a different set of features, a different personality, and a different goal in mind when they’re grooming; there are a lot of beard styles for bald men to choose from – simple mustache to full-on grizzly beard.

In this article, we’re going to make sure you understand the full range of options available to the newly-shaven man and help you match your choice to your facial shape and personality.

But there’s more:

We’re also going to give you some key advice as to how you can maintain your bald head and beard effectively.

But first, let’s go into a little more detail as to why you should consider growing a beard and shaving your head, and what it will do for you.

Let’s get into it!

5 Reasons bald men need a beard

1. It makes you more attractive

it makes you more attractive

Let’s be honest: this is what matters most.

What makes a bald man with a beard attractive?

The beard adds definition and balance to your face while making it appear wider, whereas hair on top would make it look narrow.

For most men, what women want to see is what men want to show. And at the moment, being bald with a beard is a big draw for the ladies.

From Tom Hardy to Vin Diesel, there are so many famously attractive men out there who are rocking the bald with beard look. It makes you look distinguished, macho and, above all, cultivated.

Women like the roughness and toughness of the look, but perhaps most importantly, they like the fact that it shows confidence.

2. It gives you more confidence

It gives you more confidence

Of all the things women look for in a man, confidence is always right at the top of the list.

Whether you’re rocking a full beard or just some stubble, having facial hair is an easy way to add dimension and depth to your look—and it’s not just for guys with hair on top.

There’s no doubt that a confident man seems more in control, more competent, and is generally more attractive to be around. And the bald with beard look signals huge confidence.

Partly, this is because most men who take the plunge and get the look are more confident with it: suddenly the anxiety of thinning hair is gone and they can enjoy being themselves again.

It’s totally inevitable that this sense of freedom and confidence will be communicated to others.

The other reason the look signal confidence, however, is simply the fact that it makes a man stand out in the crowd.

3. It makes you stand out

it makes you stand out

Bald can be beautiful. But sometimes it’s hard to stand out when you’re bald

As we’ve said, the bald with beard look is in right now. But that doesn’t mean it’s saturated. In fact, there are still relatively few men who are sporting the look, and that only goes to show the bravery it takes to take the plunge.

The beauty of being bald with a beard is not just that it looks good – it also looks unusual. It will help you stand out and set yourself apart from the crowd, giving you a much more individual look.

And standing out is valuable in of itself:

It means you will be more memorable, seem more interesting, and more in control of your own destiny.

And that last part is really important: shaving your head and growing a beard really does give you more control over the overall appearance of your face.

4. It helps reshape your face

It helps reshape your face

When a man’s hair starts to thin, it becomes increasingly challenging to achieve the kinds of looks he’s become accustomed to. For some men, their whole adult lives have been marked by a lack of control over how they look. But no more, good sirs.

By shaving your head and growing a beard, you are taking back control. You can totally reshape your face, redefining how you are perceived and accentuating features you might not even have realized you had.

The truth is, your grooming goal should always be to make the most of what you’ve got and grappled with hair that just won’t do what you want it to can make men forget their real assets.

5. It makes you look more masculine

It makes you look more masculine

There is nothing more masculine looking than a man with a shaved head and beard: it’s tough, refined and it lets your facial fuzz – the absolute most manly part of a man’s face – take center stage.

Even if you’re not naturally blessed with a full head of hair, you can still embrace your masculinity by growing a beard. However, if your face is as round as your head, then growing facial hair can help balance out your features.

Just looking at the pictures below, you’ll see not just how masculine men with this look are, but how much variety there is to choose from.

It is not a single approach, any more than having hair and no beard is a single ‘look’. Instead, just like masculinity, there are many ways to do it.

The best “bald with a beard” styles for your facial shape

There are two fundamental considerations when choosing what kind of beard style your newly shaved head requires: your facial shape and your personality.

Your facial shape is important because it determines which beard style will work best; your personality is more to do with matching how you look with who you are.

We’re going to delve into both, but first, we’re going to walk through the most common facial shapes and offer suggestions as to which beard style will suit them best.

If you want a truly exhaustive list of beard styles, hit up our guide here; it’s probably the most complete list you’ll find – in our humble opinion!

Oval face

Oval faces have a narrow, long bone structure. This means they don’t thrive with long beards as the face looks too long.

Instead, they need to be given a bit width with their facial fuzz; this will help create a more symmetrical appearance.

A great beard style for oval faces with a shaved head is an imperial beard:

Tom Hardy Imperial Beard
Tom Hardy
Source: https://haircutinspiration.com/

This will make you look distinguished, charismatic,+ and just a little bit mysterious.

However, you might also go for a tougher look, and plumb for the boxed beard:

George Clooney short boxed beard
George Clooney
Source: http://www.express.co.uk

Both of these styles require a fair bit of maintenance and shaping; if you’re looking for something simpler, you could go with the slightly simpler circle beard, which is great for a slightly fuller oblong face:

Leaonardo DiCaprio circle beard style
Leonardo DiCaprio
Source: https://www.toptrendsguide.com/

Or you could just go with a little light stubble, minimizing the length at the bottom and maximizing the width to give you a cultivated look:

brad pitt light stubble
Brad Pitt
Source: http://www.today.com

Round Face

Round faces have a wide jawline and are generally fairly evenly spaced; they also tend to be a little fuller.

For a round face, you want the beard to add length and make it appear slightly more angular and narrow.

The best beard style for this is probably a full, long beard:

long full beard
Source: https://beardstyles786.blogspot.com/

This will give you quite a tough look, and combined with your shaved head you’ll look very traditionally masculine.

But you could also opt for a more nuanced, Hipster beard with a round face:

hipster beard

This tends to make the face look narrower and thinner.

And a round face can look great with any number of variations on the goatee, too:

Kanye West
Kanye West
Source: https://www.popsugar.co.uk/

Square Face

A square face generally needs to be made slightly smoother and less angular, and to emphasize the sharp, wide jawline it tends to feature.

The best way to do this is to cultivate a nice, full beard and then sculpt it round out your face a little.

A great beard style for square-faced men is the Chinstrap:

Jack Falahee
Jack Falahee

Source: https://www.thetrendspotter.net/

Equally, tactically place slight stubble can work a treat to subtly shade a square face and give a really manly, tough look with the shaved head;

William Levy
William Levy

Source: http://www.latina.com/

An extended goatee might work for you, too:

extended goatee

Triangular Face

A triangular face generally needs to be given a little extra help along the jawline; sloping cheeks are a real strength of the triangular facial shape and can be emphasized with the right beard.

Ideally, you’ll go for a beard longer on the bottom and shorter on the sides, with the goal of filling in space on your chin for a more oval look.

A good choice is the Klingon beard:

klingon beard
Source: https://trekmovie.com/

Which will give your face a really striking character.

Equally, you could opt for the chin curtain:

chin curtain

Or even the Balbo:

christian bale
Christian Bale
Source: https://www.beard.org.in/

Rectangular/Oblong Face

An oblong face is longer than it is wide, and therefore the goal with your beard is to broaden your face and support your chin and jaw a little.

The best way to do this is with styles that are fuller on the sides and relatively short on the bottom.

A great example is the Mutton Chops style:

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman

Source: https://www.outfittrends.com/

A slightly more out there option might be the Winnfield:

Winnfield beard

How to match your beard to your personality

As important as your facial shape is, it should never dictate wholesale what you can and can’t do with your style.

Just as important as making the most of your facial shape is matching your beard choice with your personality and how you’d like to be perceived.

Some bald with beard looks are tough and intimidating; some are urbane and stylish.

Being clear about what sort of message you want to send with your look and whether or not it matches your personality, voice, and the rest.

Here are a few personality ‘archetypes’, and examples of the best bald with beard looks to match them:

The intellectual

You are the most interesting man in the world: you’ve read at least several libraries, and drinking nothing but Nespresso.

A shaved head with a beard is a great look for this kind of sophisticate – it can make you look more distinguished and a little mystique and gravitas to your face.

You might go for a Vandyke:

bald man with van dyke beard

Or a pencil mustache:

bald man with pencil mustache

Or maybe even a French fork:

bald man with French fork beard

Either way, you need something a little more out there, and a very neatly shaven head, to make it clear this was a choice!

The tough guy

Nobody messes with you, and for good reason: you are strong, masculine, and unafraid to stand up to bullies.

Tough guys can pull off almost any beard style with a shaved head, but a few of our favorites would be the full beard:
bald man full beard
The heavy stubble:

bald man with heavy stubble

And the Yeard:

bald man with Yeard

Whatever style you choose, you’re likely to look even tougher with a clean-shaven head and a bit of facial fuzz.

The normal bloke

You thrive on being one of the lads: no-nonsense, no problem. You don’t love standing out, but you do like looking good.

Normal guys like this probably want to avoid some of the more outlandish styles we’ve discussed above.

In fact, a corporate beard is a great choice for keeping a relatively low profile whilst looking good:
bald man with corporate beard
As is a little Five O’clock Shadow:

bald man with 5 oclock shadow designer stubble

Or the Beardstache:

bald man with beardstache

The goal is to cultivate a cool but understated look – people might not even initially notice that your face is basically upside down!

The nice guy

A real softy – but in the very best way. You’re kind, considerate, and love nothing more than knowing other people are comfortable and happy.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock an awesome bald with beard look:

As intimidating as the look can be, if you go for something like the Old Dutch beard you’ll still retain that friendly appearance:

bald man with Old Dutch beard

Or a simple chin strap that shows of your smiley cheeks:
bald man with chin strap
Ultimately, your personality will shine through – you’ll just look better, that’s all!

The leader

You are naturally authoritative, confident and in control; you also love to be the most responsible and tend to know what to do in any situation.

A shaved head and beard can be great for leader-types because it’s still such an unusual, striking look. It clearly demonstrates a level of confidence and vision.

So almost any beard style will match this personality.

But a couple of the best are the classic goatee:
bald man with classic goatee
Or a light stubble:
bald man with light stubble

The artist

You are always a little alternative: whatever is normal is boring to you, and you thrive on doing things differently and standing out from the crowd.

A shaven head is a statement of intent for you, and adding a slightly unusual beard to mix will only augment that.

A great choice would be the Dali:

bald man with Dali mustache

Or the Fu Manchu:

bald man with Fu Manchu mustache

Although a simple full beard with emphasis on the mustache will also serve you well.

How to maintain a “bald with a beard” look

Deciding on the look that’s best for you is important – but it’s only half the battle.

Once you’ve actually got the look, the hard part becomes maintaining it. And that requires not just tools and tricks, but a clear plan as to how and when you’re going to groom.

We’ve compiled a little list of tips and tricks for keeping everything looking tip-top:

Regularly trim

Given that you’ve likely had diminishing hair growth for a while, you might just assume keeping your head trimmed won’t be a problem.

The reality is, stubble shows up much more prominently on a shaved head than you’d expect, and you need to be regularly maintaining both your shaved head and beard.

Reshape Continually

With your head shaven, your beard’s style garners far more attention. And that’s great – it just means you need to keep it in proper shape at all times!

Even if you’re going for a full beard or a more ‘unkempt’ look, it’s important to keep your sideburns under control and your beard in exactly the right shape, as even the smallest overgrowth can totally change the shaping you’ve achieved and throw off the look.

Make sure you moisturize and stay clean

Keeping a shaved head healthy and clean is obviously incredibly important: an unhealthy, blotchy, or otherwise just unkempt head is going to attract a lot of attention, and not in a good way!

The same is true for your beard: you need to find a really good quality beard oil to make sure you stay looking and feeling fresh, and maintain proper growth.

Eat right and exercise

As strange as it might sound, how you eat, and whether or not you’re active play a huge part in keeping your beard and shaven head looking good.

Getting the right nutrients is essential for proper hair growth and keeping your skin clear and healthy.

Exercise also promotes testosterone, which is obviously pretty important if you’re trying to keep up a masculine look like this!


So that concludes our guide through the wonderful world of the bald with beard revolution. We’d love to hear what you think about the style:

Are you considering trying it? Or have you already made the jump?

And most importantly, what do you make of the trend?

Let us know in the comments!

We’d also love to hear if you have any extra advice we’ve missed, or need any extra tips that we might not have included.

And if you have a friend who needs a little nudge towards the dark side, please share this article with them to let them know what they have to look forward to!

About The Author

Domen Hrovatin
Domen Hrovatin

Domen—a self-confessed facial hair addict—is a grooming professional, style enthusiast, and someone with deep personal experience and knowledge about male pattern baldness. His work was mentioned in countless notable men's grooming and style publications, including Beardbrand and AskMen.

  • What a great article. I took the plunge and shaved my head and it has been the absolute best thing that I have done in the last 10 years. I didn’t think I lacked confidence but let me tell you, I felt unbelievably confident afterwards. I felt like a completly new man and I am absolutely loving it. I have always been clean shaven but because of COVID I started growing a beard and oh man, I thought it couldn’t get any better but I love my beard combination with shaved head and so does everyone around me. Wife didn’t originally like my shaved head and beard but now she LOVES it. All of my friends are saying I look like a different man. So I can relate to everything you mentioned in the article. Thanks again.

  • Hair started thinning about 17 years ago so i made a decision to go bald by choice and never looked back. I use to shave my head and face once or twice a week. Then 3 years ago my partner asked me to grow a beard. I didn’t think i would have the patience but persevered with it. Today i keep it 10 to 12 inches long but no moustache. Trim, shape and style twice a year. I have been blessed in the Genetics department.

  • Hello: Thank you for providing great examples and how to live as a bald bearded man by choice. One week into beard growth I went to my barber and asked for a high tight fade, it looked and felt great. I went back later in the week and asked for a full head shave, he said no. I contacted another barber who agreed to shave my full head of hair. After the buzzed cut, he asked me if I wanted it shaved, I replied yes. I have been shaving my head ever since. This is a great look with a beard, my head is so soft, and I get allot of positive attention from strangers. Thank you for the support of living bearded and bald. Kindest Regards, John. PS my coworkers, boss, friends, and family love it as much as I do.

  • HI Domen: I just discovered this Site / threads, which appear to be around for quite some time.
    Anyway, I’ve had Pattern Baldness for years, with the round bare “tonsure” at the top. I keep my hair clipped short along the sides to the top, shorter on the top. Also have short beard, along the side of the face, ending below chin, “Van Dyck” style, and thick mustache. Everyone likes it. My problem is the exposed scalp area on top, which sometimes gets itchy and blotchy. I use medicated anti-itch creams, but what else should be doing?? .

  • It’s the Seinfeld episode.
    Shave your head (genius) so nobody will think you’re… going bald.
    Fn morons.
    Michael Jordan was right, white guys, stop, just stop shaving your heads. It isn’t working.
    If I hit another Wal-Mart with yet another 200 fat white guys with shaved heads and goats I’m going to have a stroke.
    Word to the twits.
    Seam Connery was balding.
    Sean Connery never shaved his head.
    Take a lesson.

    • Yes, all bald people with a beard are ‘fat’, with a beard, and shop at Walmart. I really wish I could look just like you, ‘pissed guy jr’ bc you probably look perfect. Also, why are you pissed off about what other people look like, oh how shallow your thought processes are. Grow some ballz and stop being an in internet prick.


  • There’s something to be said about the goatee and the bald head, although I accept that a full beard can work too. The example of how a beard on a bald guy can turn up his look is a good one.

  • Great Article – Had a question

    What about a #0 Shave , Trimmer with no Guard

    Does it have to be bald right to scalp or would #0 Equal all the way around still be perceived as dominant and powerful

    Thanks in Advance Gents – Cheers

    • Thanks.

      No. What matters is that it’s short and even all around. A trimmer with no guard would work just the same.

    • I have struggled with the thinning receding hair thing for years . Side part went to comb back as it thinned . More and more it thinned and got gray . I finally said fuck it can just shaved it all off . It was like magic. . Just recently out of curiosity 5 yrs later I tried letting it grow back for a few weeks . It thinned and receded more . Its gray and patterned . It really looked just bad . Off it came again . So much better . I am experimenting with a beard right now . So if your sporting that ‘Power Doughnut ” Just loose it you will be happy you did . Hair is for chicks !!

  • 47, Shaved head, tatts, full mo & goatee (connected)
    Been this way for 25 years, Don’t care if others like it or not.
    If you have a problem with the way I look then the problem is yours.
    Don’t care if women find it attractive or not there’s only one woman in my life who
    matters and she loves it. I have shaved it off twice due to having to work for short periods of time in a lead smelter because legislation dictates one must be clean shaven to ensure a good seal between the face and a respirator.
    Those times I conducted a little social experiment, covered up tatts with long sleeves, grew some hair back and went about my daily business all clean cut and metro. When looking like proverbial MetroMan people pull out on you in car parks, walk in your way, don’t say excuse me etc.
    When “looking like a tough bloke’ quite the opposite happens.

  • I respect your opinion and agree to an extant.

    Not all of us are so blessed. I was known for my long, healthy, red, Germanic warrior-like hair when I was younger. The good ol’ bald spot started to grow, so I shaved it all. Thankfully, I have a nice head shape and jaw that looks good bald.

    I was never able to grow decent facial hair. It was too blonde, and just thin or not there in other parts. Still can’t grow it. It would just look like shit.

    I came to terms with all this. Being vain never helped in any situation.


  • I started growing my beard maybe 12+ years ago.
    Shaving ever day was really hard on my skin.
    Red, ingrown hairs, etc.
    Growing a beard meant shaving less often and I kept it.
    Once a year maybe I buzz it down to stubble for a clean grow out.
    I am seriously at the point of whether or not to shave.
    Some say go for it, others not. My best friend shaved his head, best thing he ever did.
    I guess I am so self conscious about losing the hair.
    Maybe if I looked like Statham, I wouldn’t care for the buzzed head and face. lol

  • I think men like it or American women. A huge grey beard I find absolutely ugly. Bald is sexy and looks great. A full beard, I despise it, but the guy I date doesn’t care and I’m just not attracted anymore. And for those who think I’m shallow, don’t complain if a woman cuts her hair short and sticks on a moustache. It’s all about the inside.

  • No beard for me. It grows in sparsely, so it wouldn’t look good. I had an almost full head of hair until my early 50s, 20 years ago. Then suddenly my hair began to recede and I quickly developed a bald spot in back of my head at the usual spot. All my life I’ve secretly wanted to go male pattern bald. At the same time I was afraid that no woman would have me if I went bald, as male pattern baldness gets such bad press. I was afraid to openly admit my wish to go bald, for fear people would think I was crazy. After all, who in his right mind would want to go bald? Well, I wanted to go bald in the worst way and I’m not crazy. Lucky for me, my wife was thrilled when I began to go bald and she begged me to not do anything to stop it. So I relaxed and let nature do its worst (actually in my case, its best) and it did. In less than two years I went from Norwood 2 to Norwood 6 bald. I was thrilled to finally get my lifelong wish and that is happened so fast! My wife loves to kiss me on top of my bald head. What a turn on!
    It looks best right after I get a very short haircut and I don’t need a beard. I really, really love being bald and my wife thinks it is sexy. Now my only regret is that I didn’t go bald back in my late 20s, immediately after my wife and I got married. I would have loved to have started shedding hair during our honeymoon and been totally bald on top by our first anniversary.
    Am I the only guy out there who loves male pattern baldness?

    • Eric,
      I am like you. I have wanted to be fully MPB for years – admiring the horseshoe fringe and shiny dome of bald men and wishing to be like them.
      All my uncles were bald and, as a boy, I was always mesmerised by the way the light danced on their smooth bonces!
      My hair has always been thick and coarse, but now the bald spot on the back of my head has begun to take on a rapid march into the front regions of my head and my widow’s peak is bifurcating as baldness attacks from the fore. I think I will be presented with a totally bald pate save for two islands at the front of my head.
      It might seem strange to others, but I welcome it with open arms. To me it is just another rite of passage in manhood.
      As I bald, hairs are increasing elsewhere on my body – chest, back, and other regions once sparse.
      I will wear my gleaming bald head with pride – and a very thick beard.

  • I had around a foot and a half of dreadlocks and decided to cut them cause it was thinning really bad up front and in other spots in my head, and it’s not as bad being bald as I thought it would be since I’ve had hair since I was 6 and im 23 now. Still not 100% comfortable with it, I tend to wear my hat alot but I feel like I’ll warm up to it after some time. People I know are gonna lose their minds when I finally show them lol

  • Great site…..I’m a balding man and 4 weeks ago started growing a full beard. Always keep my hair shaved on top. The wife used to hate it and preferred the stubble look but she is actually beginning to like it. My problem is that I’m half grey and brown on the cheeks but under the chin and neck is almost white. I’m going to keep growing it to see what happens but I’m looking like a red fox lol. All of this at 43 years young. Lots of older women love it so I suppose I’m going to rock the look for a while longer.

    • Thanks, Rich. I actually believe graying beards look better, more elegant and distinguished. Let it grow brother.

  • Great article, the only problem is that my “race” is the airport-random-search-staff favorite and if i add a beard to the equation i may miss a lot of flights.

  • As a guy who’s hair is receding at an alarming rate, it’s great to know that my beard will fit in with my shiny dome when I finally take the plunge, Thanks for a fantastic article Domen.

  • I too, like every other guy on here have dealt with losing hair where I want it, and gaining it where I didn’t. I was insecure about it, denied it, and finally submitted to it. The page turned when I decided to own it. The best style advice I have ever been given is “wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.” This isn’t fashion advice, fuck fashion. Style is totally different, and I don’t know where along the path men became afraid to own it. Embrace whatever genetics throw your way, you may have to get more creative but whatever you do, be bold!

    The banter on this thread is hilarious, please keep it coming!

  • I used to grow my hair out and shave my face. I have always been able to grow hair on my chest, back, face and balls like nobody’s business. However, in our western society women seem to run away at the sight of a hairy guy. I am slim 125lbs at 5’3 and 36 years old. Yet, ever since I was a young man I was scared that people would find out how hairy I was. It grew into a sell conscious obsession. Some times I would grow my head hair long, but because I started balding at 21 I would look like a young man with a comb over. However, during Christmas my brother begged me to grow a beard, so I did. Now women at work want to touch it. I swear, I can grow a beard like a fuckin Chia Pet. I am still a bit self conscious, but since growing my beard I started to give a fuck less than I did before. I still have issues but, when I look into the mirror and see my beard I wonder to my self, did my great-grandfather, who I never knew, have a stellar beard like me? If so, then thank you great-grandfather who I never knew. No joke, male co-workers tell me they are going to shave their facial hair after seeing mine. I recently got a buzz fade on the top of my head, but after finding this blog I will be going skin bald this weekend. NONE of this will probably ever get me laid, but I was not getting laid before either, so, who gives a shit. I am doing this for me. I finally love me a little more, and as stupid as it sounds, I feel as though embracing my hairiness has something to do with it.

    • Good for you, Randy. Thanks for sharing your story. I was also considerably hairier compared to my classmates in high school. I would be ashamed of my hairy back and chest. But after learning some women love that (yes, even back hair) I’ve slowly embraced it. Now, I still shave my back every once in a while but am no longer self-conscious when I don’t.

    • Had smp done best thing ever. It frames your face and brings youvten years back. No one ever realised it’s smp and many comment about the great buzz look or tell me to grow my “hair”.

  • I agree with this in principle and have flirted with one or two ideas. As a mood disorder sufferer, with a bald head, this is a good one to play with that adds a spice of variety; on one week; off the next. Ultimately though, if the beard or mustache is done to make yourself look different, but effects your self-esteem long term, as it does mine, you’re best off just having short-term stubble forms.

  • Who cares what other people think? Just do whatever works best for you! Be a man! Men don’t ask other men for trend or fashion advice, nor are we supposed to give a crap what anyone else thinks anyway!

    • Soliciting opinions from women, I feel, is a losing proposition because their responses cannot be safely extrapolated as being representative of all women. For example I see guys at the gym (just last night in fact) trying to “pre-qualify” women. Here is the scenario: A balding guy (let’s say me because I’ve actually done this) in a bar or a gym spots an attractive woman he wants to date. Maybe he has a shaved head or is just keeping it trimmed. He is unsure about whether the hottie likes bald(ing) guys so he takes the oblique route to asking her out:

      The typical case:
      BALD(ING)GUY: “yea I’ve been shaving my head for a while now – I’m thinking about growing it back out some”.
      RANDOM HOT WOMAN AT THE GYM: “Uh yea sure – you should do whatever makes you happy. Um sorry I’ve got to finish up my set here. Bye.”
      BALD(ING)GUY: Sulks off in rejection with the idea that she doesn’t like bald men when in fact she might not even be available or just not interested in you in general.

      Now what HE wants to have happen is:
      BALD(ING)GUY: “yea I’ve been shaving my head for a while now – I’m thinking about growing it back out some”.
      RANDOM HOT WOMAN AT THE GYM: “Oh now why would you do that ? You look really handsome just as you are. I wouldn’t change a thing”
      BALD(ING)GUY: “Really ? Why thank you………. So what are you doing later ?”

      Women KNOW what you are doing when you do this and it puts them in an awkward position. But in this scenario you will always interpret their lack of interest as being about your baldness when it might not be case – because you have baldness the primary topic in the conversation ! You are better off just asking them out directly ! They will respect you more if you respect yourself more.

  • Greetings from Auckland, NZ and Happy New Year 2017

    I agree that a beard definitely gives balance to a guy who is balding or bald. The shape of a guys face can also make a big difference. I have a long-tapered shaped face so im more then happy to rock some stubble, welcome a 5 o’clock shadow look, or let my facial hair just grow wild for 2 or 3 weeks max. Anything over 3 weeks and then i start looking like a grey haired Grizzly Adams.

    Supa bummed when my hair started receding about 10 years. Approx 5 years ago i approached a hair clinic and got some treatment for about 3 or 4 months. The gadgets they used to stimulate the hair follicles were quite invigorating and amusing to use. It was pointed out that even though i had a thick mop of hair as a teen and that i would do well as the sixth member or Bon Jovi, Whitesnake or other 80’s hairspray bands (..Warrant comes to mind) that i was probably already losing my hair slooooowly but surely in my teen years. Genetics had alot to do with it too.

    So these days i rock a beard, stubble or 5 o’clock shadow of some sort quite happily.

  • Prior to the resurgence of facial hair popularity I just assumed that bald men with beards had them to achieve a professorial or intellectual look or perhaps more simply to prove that they could grow hair somewhere on their head ! At this point I might grow a beard but as it would certainly be mostly gray there is yet another decision to make as to whether to color it or just let it be. My balding status has already added years to my apparent age so I’m not yet ready to solidify that by having a gray beard. (I remember those silly commercials “No Play for Mr. Gray).

    Now on a related issue – I’ve said it before (as have others) that those with a pale complexion with shaved heads is not a good look as it conjures images of a cult follower or a hospital patient (full disclosure I’m a pale white guy who is balding) whereas men with more melanin seem to be able to pull off the shaved head look much more easily. I once got a very short crew cut and someone actually asked me if was “in treatment” (presumably for cancer) which flipped me out as they were completely on the level and weren’t trying to be offensive. Balding brings up a lot of issues and dynamics that all come down to a personal point of view – For me (again I’m balding) I’ve had more success with women by just keeping my hair (what’s left of it) neatly trimmed in a way that acknowledges acceptance of my hair loss. One woman told me that she appreciated the fact that I wasn’t trying to be “all alpha” by shaving my head. She went on to say that many of the guys at the gym who sported the shaved head look many times were “trying to hard” – and that this came off in odd ways such as when they approached women saying things like “yea I’m thinking about growing my hair back” which was odd given that anyone could see that their 5 o’clock shadow revealed no hair on top. Still I might give it a shot just to experiment – at some point it might be my only option hair wise !

  • Its all moot if one is either under 5″10, over 60, balding and or missing their eyebrows. If you have all four of those unfortunate characteristics, you can kiss any chance of attracting a female goodbye unless she’s a corpse or an alien vampire:-)
    If one is not tall, bald or balding and has very little eyebrow to frame their eyes plus being over 55, the reality is, when you attempt to even LOOK at a young female under 40, they look at you as if you were road kill on a back woods dirt road in the hills of West Virginia. Its not only demeaning, frustrating and ignominious to suffer these responses, its also a huge indictment of our species and their obsession with “looks”, the paper thin cosmetics required to judge another human being. Sadly, regardless of one’s intellect, talent, empathy, humor etc., if you don’t meet the base level physical cosmetic criteria that woman require based on their million year hard wired atavism, you are out. You’re left at the train station, you might as well simply become a monk, retreat into a remote cabin in the far wilderness and pet wolf spiders, slit yoru throat or build a star ship, the latter being the most preferable:-)

  • OMG! All you guys with thinning hair or bald heads ( or those that don’t for that matter) have issues. I’ve been bald, shave my head regularly and have had a nice full (but well maintained) beard for years. I could give a rats ass whether I’m bald or not and am not compensating for any lack of head hair. I’ve always wanted a beard since I was in college but couldn’t really grow a nice one until I matured and hit 50. I have had many compliments on my beard and my wife loves it, especially since it’s gotten greyer. Get over it people and live the look you want to be.

  • I have a full head of hair but shaved it off this summer break just to beat the heat, and decided to grow a moustache instead. When I returned to work, my female colleagues looked at me and were like…WOW!!

  • Bald and beard very often does not look good and clean. Even women do not like beards according to recent researches (I read about it recently on very reputable website)
    Shaved head looks clean, fresh and you look younger than with a beard.
    All you need is just make your skin little darker and you will look good.
    Look at black people how well they look with shaved head without beards.

    • Of course, dark skin works. But if you are a pale caucasian, facial hair is a must. I’ve heard nothing but compliments from women about my beard.

  • I was rocking this style for years. It was cool and unique. Then people had to start blogging about it and making websites to sell it to some sheeple. Now EVERY body has a damn beard and shaves their head. I went from having a unique bad ass look to being another douche in the crowd. Thanks whoever started this website, and who ever is out their spending mad money to convince other people to copy what was wants a subtle and unique style.

    Everyone who naturally came to this style before you told everyone else to copy it.

    • The shaved head look/fad (if you want to call it that) goes back to the mid to late 90s – I worked in a gym at that time and saw it all unfold so I’m confident in saying that many men made their decision to go “Kojak” based on regular encounters with other men who had taken that route before them – not because of websites (then or now). Having worked in a gym for many years I can say that men usually take their cues (social, dress, language) from other men just as much as women do with other women. I recall reading a late 90s issue of GQ magazine that discussed the benefits of the shaved head look and how to balance it with facial hair. I also recall that it was Brooke Shields who told Andre Agassi to finally ditch the wig – which liberated lots of men (old and young) from the idea that they needed a wig, plugs, weaves, etc. So people get input from lots of places. The same thing happened with tattoos which are very mainstream now. And even though there are several housewives with full sleeve tats who take yoga at my gym certainly doesn’t invalidate the tat work I got 20 years ago. I’m also sure that some new guy shaving his head and copping FuManchu facial hair won’t detract from my look. In the end we should hope to distinguish ourselves using other means anyway. Mais a chacun son gout mes amis

  • I’m very late to this convo BUT I have to disagree….bald-headed guys look MUCH MUCH better clean-shaven, no scruff at all! Women luv to feel the smoothness of a man’s face – being a cue ball makes it so much sexier! We DO NOT like the feel of something reminiscent of a scouring pad on our delicate faces. So take it ALL off!

  • David,
    The Just for Men mustache-and-beard dying works wonders.
    I’m 44 with receding hairline and have sported a beard and goatee for years. Unfortunately my beard is more whitish grey than it used to be. Dying about once a week is sufficient and have to after a trim too.

  • I have been wet shaving my head (MPB) for at least 25 years – I am now 60. My wife loves the clean shaven head look – fortunately I have a good head – no bumps or dents and very smooth. I have had a goatee for the last six years and before that I was going with the shaved head/mustache look. I have had more positive comments with a shaved head and agree that facial hair will provide some balance. I am now considering a full beard even though it will come out mostly gray. Change it up and give some facial hair a chance – you can always cut it and grow something else.

  • I too have been shaving for some years now. I’m 26 now but have grown alot of interest as of late in grooming my beard. To a style suitable for my round shsped face lol. Anyway, any good products to thicken facial hair? My hair is pretty soft and thin…

  • The only guys who don’t look good bald are those who have multiple folds behind their neck. Some have weird folds behind their heads that look very unattractive. Also guys with small foreheads don’t look good bald.

  • 24 been loosing my hair since i was eighteen , although i have had a full beard the whole time i finnally let go and shaved my head , tried to grow it back about a month ago , hated how it looked so told it too p×ss off hello clippers no grade , ladies love it but will never shave the beard , all or nothing is what i say plus you look like an alian with no hair on your head and face

  • What about once you start turning grey (I’m in my mid fourties? I’ve got a full beard due to no shave november. But, just today alone, got the reference to santa 4 times. I’m naturally blond, so coloring seems like it wouldn’t be a good call. Most of the time I roll with a goatee. What are your thoughts on grey?

  • I’ve been shaving my head (wet shave) since I was 21 (now 28) and I have to agree that any form of facial hair is the way to go. Unless you look like The Rock, you definitely need some fuzz on your face. Personally, my weapon of choice is a bushy beard, trimmed with a number 1 guard from the lower ear lobe up.

    I’ve recently had SMP at a clinic called Skalp (say what you like, the results are truely incredible and I’d advise anyone who is still uncomfortable with nothing on top to have the procedure done!) so I’ve experimented with a clean shaven look and I still feel naked without a beard. Look like an alien too, as do most lads. Beards on a bald or shaved head really do look a lot better than without…

  • I am 28 years ild, and growing balderdash by the day. I have rocked a full beardrum for about 5 years now, and wouldn’t have it any other way. My wife says my beard is too long, and she is terrified of me shaving my head. How do I convince her it’s time to let the hair go and get rid of my “modern combover”? I think I’ll start off with a Jason Statham buzz cut with just a bit of a longer beard, cause you know, badassery.

    • Also, please excuse the strange vocabulary . Not my choice of words, nor was I paying attention to the quality of my response.

      • Just go for it. Surprise her. She may need some time to get used to your new style, but I’m confident she’ll like it.

  • i’m sorry if this question already asked,

    if i shave my head, will my beard grow faster because of it, i just imagine that if my body have no hair to give nutrition to, it will give the nutritions to my beard instead and make my beard grow thicker and faster, is my logic true? lol. anyway i am long haired right now.

    im sorry my english is not good… i hope you understand what i mean

  • I shaved my head for several years. I also have a round face since I’m heavy. The consensus of the ladies in my life was that the goatee was definitely better than no facial hair. A few years ago I decided to grow my hair back out and rock a stubbly look. Since I’m developing a bald spot on the back of my head that looks like a yarmulke; the hair is about to come back off. We’ll see how it looks with the beard. It seems to me the bald spot on the back looks worse than any other form of balding. I say all hair or no hair cause sometimes it’s just time to let go.

  • balding sucks… even if you have a handsome face.. it fucks up your whole look…. I shave my head because of MPB… and I’ve always had a handsome face.. strong jaw.. dark eye brows, blue eyes.. and pretty good symmetry.. but let me tell you…… baldness fucks your shit up……….

  • As a balding man I wanted to go with the fully clean shaved head but suffered horrible in-grown hairs and full body coldness (that no one ever seems to talk about). I mean, I liked it, I have a beautiful head and face but I was ALWAYS cold with a shaved head. Now I just keep it super short (1 guard) and a mustache. It’s a boss look. Seriously, people have started to bring me pieces of paper wanting ‘approval’. I’ve no idea what that means.

    • Hahah. Yeah, I prefer a number one guard cut as well. Hat’s are your friend if you suffer from cold head syndrome.

  • I’m 31 with a bald shaven head, and recently decided to grow a beard. I’m going to first try a full trimmed beard and if it does not work out, I’ll try a full goatee. I’m excited about the process and look forward to my new look. I’m bored of being clean shaven and want some hair on my face. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Jay,

      It may take some time getting used to so stick with the plan. It really does look better this way.

  • Great article. I’ve been losing my hair since I was a teen and I’m not fully bald in my mid 20s. I decided to shave my head since the first signs of hair loss and have been experimenting with different beard styles. from the goatee to the full beard, but the stubble is the best for me. I feel so confident with a clean shaven head and some stubble.
    Plus the ladies love it! 😉

  • I have been playing around with head-shaving and facial hair for about 10 years.

    I’m 69 years old.

    I had worn the same pompadour hairstyle for at least 30 years, but I had always fooled around with all styles of facial hair, except “backwoods wildman.” (I was a salesman, after all!)

    With my head shaved, I’ve done mustache only, chin fuzz only, all tied together, and chin fuzz with separate mustache. All have been fun. It has gotten to the point that my acquaintances don’t even remark, or seem to notice when the landscape changes!

    The great thing about a shaved head is that you always look neatly groomed.

    Currently, I have a full trimmed beard with a short “butch” on top, but I think everything is going very soon…I’m traveling to Panama next month. With no hair on my head or face, there will be that much less to pack (shampoo, gel, or hair spray, etc.) and much easier maintenance.

    You might surprise people, they might even be critical, but you won’t lose friends. Get out the clippers, give yourself a really short butch and live with it for a day or so, THEN FINISH THE JOB!!!

    You’ll be happy you did.

    But soon you’ll know you need some hair on your face to balance things out!

    It’s just a little chilly in the ice cream aisle and outside in the winter. I’ve learned to wear hats!

    • Great comment.

      But soon you’ll know you need some hair on your face to balance things out!

      Exactly. When I shaved my head for the first I’ve found this the hard way.

      I’ve always felt “naked” with a shaved head and no facial hair.

      Have a nice trip!

  • I disagree. The bald head and clean shaven look is clean cut, smooth, minimalist and confident (you’re not compensating with anything). And so many men these days grow a beard, especially bald men, you’ll only look different to every other bald guy if you get a beard that’s a little different and not everyone can pull that off.

    And Patrick Stewart definitely looks better clean shaven.

    I also see so many beard monstrosities these days. Attempted goatees that have been allowed to spread, full beards where the neck has been shaved in such a way as to leave an ugly right angle at the sides. Stubble/styled beard hybrids – you should really leave STYLING the beard until it’s at a certain length or it just looks like weird stubble. And men who just don’t suit a beard!

    • I respect your opinion. But the way I see it, every bald guy I’ve ever seen looks better with facial hair. And most would agree.

      The reason is it draws attention away from the bald head, adding balance to the face. There may be a few people with perfect proportions that make facial hair unnecessary — but for the vast majority, no way.

      Patrick Stewart looks phenomenal with a beard. Here is an old video of him with a full beard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6wBzBSnA4g

      • I have a naturally round face with implies in photographs that I’m overweight. Bugs me to no end. I’ve been told that facial hair is “better’ for my roundish mug. I’m 47 and at the age where I’ve been married for too long and really don’t care what the public thinks. Let men be men!

      • Domen, since you have a very fine beard. (pun intended)

        Was there ever a point where you felt you had the facial hair power (yes, its a superpower) to grow a full beard but could never shape it right so you just shaved it off? because I feel like I am at that point. ive seen pictures where I rocked a nice looking beard after growing it out for months then having someone trim it/shape it. but when I try shaping it myself after about 2-3 weeks growth I mess up my cheeklines and jawlines and end up trimming it all down to stubble (exeption to goatee). Do you shape your beard as early as stubble or do you not shave anything (cheeks and neck) until you like the length and then shape it yourself or do you have someone shape it? I used to have a nice face lol but not so much anymore so I feel like I need to shape my beard right to have my cheeks and jaw look more defined.

        My facial hair can get thick but not nearly as dense as your whiskers. jelly.

        • Hey Hayden,

          Maybe you’re just not accustomed to having a beard. I wait for at least 4 weeks before I start messing with it. What I like to do is to define the neck line and kind of fade the cheek line. It works for me. I then like to keep it 1/2 inch long and repeat the same process every week. Oh, and I also keep the hair on my cheeks a little bit shorter compared to the rest.

          Since everyone has a different face and beard you just need to find what works for you. Try finding someone who looks kind of like you and has similar amounts of facial hair. It should give you an idea.

          Good luck. And thanks for the beard compliment. I can never have enough.

          • Awesome tips about fading the cheekline. I will definitely apply everything you said. Honestly i wasn’t expecting a reply so thanks for that!

            Nice blog btw & thanks again. – Hayden

    • I’m with you on this – since I first shaved my pate, about 20 years ago, I’ve enjoyed the “instantly presentable” look after you shave the face and wash the head. Beards, whether you love ’em or hate ’em are a *highly* subjective thing. Personally, once I looked old enough to buy my own beer, there were no more beards. It was a realible teenage friend and it got me in to bars and clubs before my time; but, let’s not get bound over in sentimentality. Beards and Tats are only acceptable if you are (a) a biker or (b) have the rest to compliment these two VERY masculine features…well, maybe not the tats anymore…Hipster, wearing skinny jeans , sporting pencils for arms, however, do nothing for the beard..or is it that the beard, despite its promise of manly, can’t even deliver when the frame is so utterly unmasculine. It’s looks silly and very much like someone trying to compensate, as Geoff pointed out – it’s the same with bald guys. I get the vibe when I see fellow baldies with a growth-on. MAkes me think that they haven’t accepted their body changes. Weirdly, though, I find that after a certain age for men, the previous point no longer applies. Perhaps I think beards are the feature of the older man, not a young one. Irrespective of how often you clean, a beard tells many people that you *may* prefer to avoid the most basic human hygience. Doesn’t matter if you are the cleanest peep in the world – there’s way too mnay “lazy bather” bearded boys and students out there to change this public perception. Then, paradoxically, if you have a well trimmed and clean beard, sport no biker gear whatsoever…you tend to come across as being a bit uptight, with your perfectly trimmed little beard. Going back to the bald, clean look…well, that may well attract a potential mate in more ways than you can think. Subconsciously, you are projecting “I not only can take whatever life throws at me on the chin, but I look clean, which means I probably bathed at some point today. Now, consider you’re average “beardie” Could they all make the same claim? My bald brothers – the bald head in itself is a statement – it’s like a beer…you really don’t know what it tastes like until you have it…and, for some, it takes a long time to acquire the taste…perservere…the bald head requires NO accessory. It IS a style all by itself. People without the “bap” don’t understand…they go to such great lengths to stand out from the crowd. Shaved head walks in…People tend to notice who the baldie was. Shave it, kept it shaved and keep a clean shaven face. If you feel a little down about your baldness, ignore it…that’s your inner man talking to you..he doesn’t know you’re bald…and thinks that becasue you’re a little different, there might be an opportunity to remove you from the competition (this is why most bald bashing comes from other men -if women hated it, the gene would have been left at the weayside a long time ago) Instead of growing a beard, hit the gym and bulid a nice body. THATS the BEST way to compliment the bald head. F**K beards, any man can grow one…making your body look great though is a feat that most people are too lazy to acquire. You might think you’ve offset the baldness; but, really you’re still probably in denial about it..maybe have the ocassional dream where you run your hands through your hair. It’s only a pisser as long as you miss it. Growing a beard will not help you deal with this – you don’t look better (that’s simply the opinion of this author) Patrick looks a million times better without a beard, unless he’s playing a starfleet admiral.

      Conclusions – Bald man with a beard (still needs time to adjust and possibly still insecure)

      Bald man with an athelic/ripped body (looks scary enough to frigthen little pretenders with beards and will attract more womenly attention)

      Just my penny’s worth for my bald bros.

      For the author – I respect anyone who takes time to write a few thoughts and share them with the web; but, we baldies don’t take adivce on how to “offset the bald look” from non-baldies. You appear to be stuck in the grove that we feel less because of our lack of hair on top. True you’ve probably got a mate who losing it and having to deal with it. You feel sorry for him, but it’s really your own fear of losing it yourself. There’s a right of passage that all men who lose their hair go through – why’s baldie will often acknowledge a fellow baldie, like the biker nod, Generic humans with hair don’t feel this connection with other “hairys”. We’ve all had to suffer inordinate amounts of BS, joking, teasing, put downs, etc whilst, at the same time, having the deal with something that would make most of you hairys hide in your bedrooms. Those of us who come through the other side really don’t need tips on how to look better as a baldie cos we now know we just look better, full stop…Tighter, cleaner, more masculine, (everyone knows the link between testosterone and male pattern baldness.) more fightening (seriously once I shaved the head, some people on the street wouldn’t even look at little ol me.

      A bald head simply brings out your other features. I’m assuming you have noses, eyes etc. You don’t need a beard to frame an already good proportioned face. No hair mean your eyes stand more. Hair distracts, so if you have a nice quadrangle face, let the world see it..believe me, it’ll do more to enhance the bald look than a beard ever will, no matter what way it’s styled. Your facial qulities are unique -no one else can emulate them, so go with that.

      Make yourself baldiful today and condemn that beard to the bin!

      Peace to all.

      • I appreciate your input. I know I’m not a “real baldie”, as I still do have most of my hair left. But I’ve experienced with different short hairstyles, including the bald look. I’m losing my hair for 8 years now, and though it seems a slow process for me I wanted to see how does the bald look suit me. I shaved my head on several occasions and at times kept the style up to a year.

        When I had a shaved head and no facial hair I’ve felt naked. Something missing. Even a 2-day stubble made a world of difference.

        I know it’s not the same as being a “true bald man”–the gray shade of having hair on top makes a bald head look better. (Although not a lot).

        Yes, you said it right, when you lack hair on top, other features become more prominent. This includes facial hair.

        I firmly believe facial hair makes a bald head look better on almost every individual, you just have to find your right style. For me, it was light stubble with a classic goatee. A full beard may be overdoing it for most because it may not look proportionate.

        And not everyone can grow a beard–particularly those with full heads of hair. Facial hair is stimulated by DHT, the same hormone responsible for MPB. Few have the ability to grow thick facial hair.

        I emphasize with you. I know I won’t feel the way a bald man feels until I become bald myself. I’m only expressing my view.

        Bald men–by choice or not–look better with facial hair. I’m sure most would agree.


      • Fantastic argumentation! Congrats “The Dude”! I have 12 days of bald experience!
        I totally agree: “Instead of growing a beard, hit the gym and bulid a nice body. THATS the BEST way to compliment the bald head. F**K beards, any man can grow one…making your body look great though is a feat that most people are too lazy to acquire. ” Best

      • I started losing my hair in my late twenties, and I’ve had it shaved for the past 6 years. I’ve had facial hair since my late teens (in all shapes and sizes). I don’t care if people think I look good or not. I wear a beard because I want to wear a beard. “The Dude” talking about what women want, or think, or don’t want, has it all wrong. Confidence is what attracts women, anything else is seen as a bonus. Any guy who goes the gym, grows a beard, shaves a beard, buys a car, etc, just so he can get laid, is a boy. Whatever you do, you do it for yourself, nobody else.

      • You claim, “if women didn’t like bald the gene wouldn’t be here”, but the gene is transferred by the mother and many men have children before they go bald. thus women have no choice in the matter.
        60% of women prefer hair. 10% of women prefer bald. And 20% just don’t care.
        Find those 30% or, maybe you’ve already had children and your struggle is over.

        • Women won’t say what their subconscious mind really want, most of the time they don’t know it, but there is a difference between what a woman says she prefer or like and what she responds to… I am cuban, bald, full shaved of course, you point any woman you want, even the ones that don’t like baldies, I will pick her up.

  • It seems that guys with shaved heads also need earrings. Several of the photos above lead credence to this assertion.

    • …… and what’s wrong with that? You straight guys end-up following us anyway. Shaved heads, tatts, piercings,(especially nipples), hats….

      • Disagree with u on that point. Most of our styles and slangs come from the ghetto/ prison culture. Kids want to grow up to be career criminals but the worst of em have never stolen nearly close to the real criminals sucking the life force it of us BFF stealing our labor, but that’s another story…

      • What’s wrong with that? Most straight guys don’t want to look gay.

        You think gays came up with bald heads, tats, piercings, and hats? OMG LOL

      • Men have been shaving their heads since the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Tattoos are traditional in cultures on most inhabited continents. Same thing with piercings and other jewelry. I shouldn’t even have to explain hats…

        Come on, dude.

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