6 Best Minoxidil Products to Regrow Hair (Men & Women)

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Hair loss products may come and go, but some products withstand the test of time, like minoxidil, for instance.

Minoxidil, the only over-the-counter hair-loss formula approved by the FDA, remains one of the most effective solutions for men and women trying to reverse thinning hair. To think that it was even discovered by chance. In case you didn’t know, Minoxidil was initially used to treat hypertension, but upon the discovery of its hair growth abilities which was once considered a side effect, it is now used to treat hair loss. Crazy right

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
DS Laboratories DNC-N (for Men)

The very best Minoxidil product you’ll find: it contains a great number of herbal extracts and vitamin to help soothe and heal the scalp, and very few side effects have ever been noted. It’s also been proven to increase hair regeneration and decrease hair loss in experiments.

Lipogaine (for Men)

Lipogaine is another great Minoxidil product, which features the stronger solution of Minoxidil you can buy (5%). Because of this, you only need a tiny amount to see real results.

We’ll review 6 minoxidil products in this post, while also discussing how to apply minoxidil, other types of it, and answer some frequently asked questions about it.

Let’s kick things off with some minoxidil buying tips.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageDS Laboratories DNC-N (for Men)
  • A very high percent of users report decreased hair loss and increased hair regeneration
  • Contains numerous herbal extracts and vitamins that soothe scalp
  • Very few, if any, sides effects have been reported by its users
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bb2-table__imageLipogaine (for Men)
  • Only a small amount needed for favorable results
  • Contains the most-recognized, proven ingredients for hair loss treatment
  • The 5% solution is the strongest minoxidil you can buy
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bb2-table__imageLipogaine (for Women)
  • Trusted, well-respected brand for promoting hair growth
  • Only a small amount needed, a bottle goes a long way
  • Packed with proven ingredients that tackle hair loss
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bb2-table__imageRogaine Minoxidil Foam (for Men)
  • Clinical studies indicate this product may encourage 25% more hair growth
  • A great option for use during the early stages of hair thinning
  • No-mess foam makes it easy to apply and quick to soak in
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bb2-table__imageRogaine (for Women)
  • Noticeable results are found by many women who use Rogaine consistently
  • Non-greasy minoxidil keeps mess to a minimum
  • Tricho-prime technology enhances hair regrowth
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bb2-table__imageKirkland Minoxidil (for Men)
  • 5% concentration offers an excellent solution for thinning hair
  • Ideal for treating baldness and thinning on the top of the scalp
  • Clinical studies support the effectiveness of a 5% minoxidil solution
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Before you buy: 5 Things to consider when purchasing minoxidil

There are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase a bottle of minoxidil at your favorite pharmacy or supermarket:

1. How it works

By the time you’ve decided to buy minoxidil you probably have an idea of what it does and how it works. Or, maybe not. Either way, here’s how minoxidil creates its magic:

  • Minoxidil opens up blood vessels, including those that supply blood and nutrients to hair follicles. In turn, the increased blood flow helps to repair and revitalize the hair.
  • It also opens up the potassium channels of cells and helps more nutrients to reach the cells of hair follicles.
  • The result of increased blood flow and nutrients helps follicles to grow bigger and stronger.

2. Concentration

Minoxidil products come with 2% or 5% concentration—the greater the concentration, the stronger the product.

Generally, only men should use the 5% concentration; many women report unwanted hair growth on other parts of their body, including their face and arms, when using the 5% version.

However, there are 5% options for hair loss products specifically made for women. Whether you’re a man or woman, however, it’s usually best to start with the 2% version before moving on to extra strength products.

3. Side effects

While minoxidil is the only over-the-counter hair loss treatment approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), some users report side effects, including dizziness, scalp irritation, light-headedness, and headaches.

While very few people experience side effects when using minoxidil, you should consult your doctor if you notice them for an extended period.

4. Foam or liquid

Minoxidil comes most commonly in liquid or foam. While both are effective for fighting hair loss and stimulating hair growth, there are differences:

  • Price – Liquid minoxidil tends to be cheaper than foam. Not that foam is overly-expensive, but it may cost a few more dollars than liquid.
  • Convenience – Minoxidil foam usually dries faster than liquid and, many users say it’s easier to apply. However, the foam may be harder to apply on longer hair than liquid.
  • Ease of use – Neither liquid nor foam minoxidil is difficult to apply, although the consensus suggests that foam is less messy.
  • Side effects – Foam is said to cause fewer side effects than liquid minoxidil, although that’s hardly the case for every user. Again, only a small percentage of users experience side effects when using minoxidil, whether it’s foam or liquid form.
  • Effectiveness – Of course, the real question is, does it work? Indeed, minoxidil has positive effects for treating hair loss – whether it’s liquid or foam – although liquid may be slightly more effective, according to some studies.

5. Patience

Be prepared to wait after you first begin using minoxidil. Many users don’t experience positive results for three to six months, and there’s also a “shedding” phase in the first few weeks as new hair pushes out older follicles, so be prepared to lose some hair first before you start seeing new growth.

In other words, you need to be patient and consistent in your use of minoxidil even when it appears it’s not working.

Let’s move on to our reviews of the best minoxidil products for men and women.

The 6 best minoxidil products for men and women

1. DS Laboratories DNC-N (for Men)


DS Laboratories DNC-N (for Men)

Best features:

  • Blocks DHT
  • Keeps working for a longer time
  • Reduces inflammation

Best minoxidil for:

Men looking for increased hair density and better overall scalp health


Do any research on DS Laboratories, and a word that keeps popping up is “innovation.” The company places innovation before anything else while taking a leave-no-stone-unturned approach to research and technology.

The result is products such as their spectral DNC-N, which is technically nanoxidil but serves the same purpose as minoxidil. It’s ideal for the early to moderate stages of hair loss and uses multiple approaches for achieving hair regrowth.

Key compounds found in Spectra DNC-N encourage hair growth at the hairline and the vertex (the upper surface of the head). It includes copper peptides that improve blood circulation to the scalp while reducing inflammation.

It also includes retinol, which helps prevent androgenetic alopecia – a common cause of hair loss for men and women. In part, it does this by blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone that shrinks hair follicles.

There’s also DS Labs’ nanosome technology that creates a more targeted absorption to the base of the hair follicle. And it stimulates the anagen (growth) phase of hair follicles.

DS Labs stands out among many other companies for other reasons, as well, including for its strong emphasis on environmental-friendliness. They recently introduced Oxo-biodegradable packaging that creates 90% less waste than previous materials.

The recommended usage for Spectral DNC-N is six sprays, twice daily, on dry hair. Spray it directly on the area of hair loss and thinning. Use your hands to rub it evenly over the affected area and don’t rinse it off.

You can apply it to your hair, whether you’ve washed it or not.


  • One study showed that 93% percent of participants noticed a decrease in hair loss, while 83% noted hair regeneration.
  • It includes various herbal extracts and vitamins that help soothe the scalp and are safe to use.
  • It has few, if any, side effects, although a small percentage of users say they noticed flakes, which may be dried-on remains of the product or signs of an irritated scalp.


Bottom line

DS Labs represents the cutting-edge regarding hair growth products and continually strives for innovation. Their Spectral DNC-N is representative of that commitment.

2. Lipogaine (for Men)


Lipogaine (for Men)

Best features:

  • Lowers DHT levels
  • Affordable
  • Packed with important nutrients

Best minoxidil for:

Men looking for a proven hair-loss product that works


Lipogaine is a recognizable name among minoxidil brands and its 5% version provides maximum strength for stimulating hair growth while stopping further hair loss.

Lipogaine for men works in a variety of ways, including that it lowers DHT levels while improving the overall health of hair follicles.

As mentioned, it contains a 5% minoxidil solution – the strongest you can buy, and it is recommended for any man in the initial to moderate stages of hair loss.

But it also includes other key ingredients that fight hair loss:

  • Azetinol

Azetinol contains vitamin A and fatty acids that help reduce thinning and scalp inflammation.

  • Saw palmetto extract

Saw palmetto extract is a highly-effective DHT hormone blocker.

  • Beta-sitosterol

Another ingredient that helps block DHT, beta-sitosterol is particularly effective when used in conjunction with saw palmetto extract – what a combo.

  • Oleic acid

Oleic acid helps reduce inflammation and reduce DHT levels.

  • Linolenic acid

Linolenic is a fatty acid, commonly known as omega 6, that’s essential for normal hair growth.

  • Niacin

Niacin stimulates blood flow to areas of the scalp in which hair loss is evident.

  • Vitamins B12 and B6

B12 and B6 enhance blood circulation to the scalp to improve overall hair health.

  • Biotin

Biotin is another type of vitamin B that’s essential for hair health. A biotin deficiency is often a leading culprit for men who experience hair loss.

The best method for using Lipogaine for men is to apply 1 ml of the solution (which comes with a dropper for easy measuring) to the affected area of your scalp twice a day. Leave at least eight hours between applications.

It’s also best to apply it to dry hair; the drier your head, the faster it dries, which is a good thing. You can even use it as a gel – although you shouldn’t use too much of it – to hold your hair in place.

There’s a slight, very slight, chance of side effects when using Lipogaine for men, including an itchy scalp, rashes, and redness and swelling. Stop using the product and call your doctor if you experience any of the symptoms.


  • You only need to use a small amount of liquid to experience positive results.
  • It contains the most-recognized, effective ingredients for treating hair loss.
  • The 5% solution is the strongest minoxidil you can buy.


  • Some users have complained about the bottle’s seal coming loose.

Bottom line

Lipogaine for Men has a long-standing reputation for stimulating hair growth. It’s an effective fighter in the battle against hair loss.

3. Lipogaine (for Women)


Lipogaine (for Women)

Best features:

  • Contains biotin
  • Lasts longer
  • Blocks DHT and induces hair growth

The best minoxidil for:

Women looking for long-lasting solutions to their hair loss


Lipogaine for women isn’t much different than Lipogaine for men, although it only contains 2% minoxidil.

The reason why is that doctors and scientists determined long ago that 5% minoxidil isn’t safe for women and cause side effects such as hair growth on other parts of the body.

And, like Lipogaine for men, it blocks DHT, that essential sex hormone that plays such a crucial role for the body in so many ways yet is a leading cause of hair loss. Women also have levels of DHT in their bodies, and it can have the same effect on their hair.

Lipogaine of women addresses the issue of hair loss with a blend of ingredients that include saw palmetto, ketoconazole, emu oil, and linoleic and oleic acid.

Ketoconazole is an oft-used ingredient in hair loss treatments because of, in part, its anti-fungal properties.

Emu oil acts as an anti-inflammatory, while linoleic acid stimulates hair growth, and oleic acid helps hold moisture in hair follicles to keep them healthy and more pliable.

Biotin is the most important ingredient in Lipogaine for women, however, and – as mentioned – plays a vital role in making hair stronger and healthier.

Another plus associated with Lipogaine for women is that a little of it goes a long way. You shouldn’t use more than 1 ml of the solution per application, which should sufficiently cover the area(s) of the scalp where thinning and balding are evident.

There’s also no need to massage the liquid into the scalp; instead, you can use the tip of the dropper that comes with your purchase.

Another plus: the Lipogaine liquid doesn’t smell, unlike some other solutions for hair loss.


  • It comes from a trusted, reputable brand regarding hair growth treatments.
  • It makes for a good investment because you only need to use a small amount per application, and a bottle of it should last you a long time.
  • It contains proven ingredients for treating hair loss.


  • The shedding period may last longer than with some other products.

Bottom line

Lipogaine for women blocks DHT and treats other causes of hair loss while inducing hair growth. It’s an all-in-one solution for helping hair to thrive.

4. Rogaine Minoxidil Foam (for Men)


Rogaine Minoxidil Foam (for Men)

Best features:

  • Helps condition the scalp
  • Clinically-proven results
  • Promotes natural skin exfoliation

The best minoxidil for:

Men who want a minoxidil shampoo that offers many hair and scalp benefits


Rogaine gets a huge thumbs up from dermatologists who recommend it to virtually everyone experiencing hair loss. The foam includes 5% minoxidil that boosts hair follicle activity as well as hair protein production.

It also offers many other benefits, including that it helps users to maintain a conditioned scalp thanks to botanical extracts and emollients included in its ingredients.

But there’s also Rogaine’s unique Tricho-prime technology that distributes a combination of ingredients directly to the scalp and follicle to promote hair growth and thickening.

Tricho-prime technology, says the folks at Rogaine, works on contact to help make the scalp an optimal growth environment.

In turn, the foam can penetrate deeply into the scalp to reactivate shrunken hair follicles while allowing new hair to grow.

Another key ingredient in Rogaine is alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that promotes natural skin exfoliation to rid the scalp of dead skin cells that can clog pores and inhibit hair growth.

While results vary by individual, some Rogaine users notice new hair growth and reduced hair loss in as little as three months. Meanwhile, the foam is easy to apply and designed to fit into your daily routine without a mess.


  • Clinical results have shown that Rogaine may grow up to 25% more hair in men.
  • The foam is excellent for use during the early stages of hair thinning.
  • The no-mess foam is simple to apply and won’t hold you up when you need to get out the door.


  • Some say the bottle doesn’t last long.

Bottom line

Rogaine for men lives up to its reputation as a proven product in the fight against hair loss. It stimulates hair growth while also offering many other scalp and hair benefits.

5. Rogaine (for Women)


Rogaine (for Women)

Best features:

  • Formulated for women
  • Dermatologist-recommended brand
  • Only need to apply once a day

The best minoxidil for:

Women who prefer to use the strongest minoxidil solution


While Rogaine won’t work for every woman, it does work for a lot of them. And the 5% solution is strong stuff that delivers proven results for many customers.

How is Rogaine for women different than Rogaine for men? The main reason is that women only need to apply it once a day.

The only other real difference is that the 5% solution, in both cases, includes propylene glycol, while the 2% solution is alcohol-based (propylene glycol helps minoxidil penetrate the skin).

Like Rogaine for men, Rogaine for women features Tricho-prime technology that helps the product penetrate the scalp to activate shrunken hair follicles. The result is fuller, younger-looking hair that shows obvious signs of regrowth.

Besides minoxidil, Rogaine for women also includes botanical extracts and emollients to keep the scalp well-conditioned, as well as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that acts as a natural skin exfoliator.

Rogaine works best for any woman who’s in the early stages of hair loss and thinning. The recommended application is a half-capful of foam applied directly to the scalp once a day. Using Rogaine more than once a day will not improve results.


  • The consistent use of Rogaine helps produce noticeable results in many women.
  • Tricho-prime technology creates an optimal environment for hair regrowth.
  • It’s non-greasy minoxidil that doesn’t leave a mess.


  • Some women have experienced side effects such as unwanted hair growth on other parts of the body.

Bottom line

Rogaine for women has a lot in common with Rogaine for men, not the least of which are excellent results for anyone trying to regrow hair while reversing the effects of thinning hair.

6. Kirkland Minoxidil (for Men)


Kirkland Minoxidil (for Men)

Best features:

  • Available in liquid and foam
  • Affordable
  • Treats thinning hair on the top of the head

The best minoxidil for:

Men looking for a more affordable minoxidil option


Among the things reviewers and customers consistently discuss when talking about Kirkland’s 5% minoxidil for men is its lower price when compared to some other products. It’s true, it is cheaper than many other products, but cheaper doesn’t mean less effective.

Many users report excellent results from using Kirkland minoxidil consistently, including men who experience hair loss and thinning at the top of their heads. It’s not the ideal solution if your hair loss mostly occurs at your hairline.

You can purchase Kirkland minoxidil in liquid or foam applications. Which one you choose is a matter of personal preference, although some prefer the convenience of foam and that it’s generally better for men with sensitive skin (because it dries faster than liquid).


  • The 5% concentration is an excellent solution for many men looking to treat their thinning hair.
  • It’s especially effective for treating baldness and thinning at the top of the scalp.
  • Plenty of clinical studies prove the effectiveness of a 5% minoxidil solution.


  • It doesn’t include ingredients found in other minoxidil products that offer benefits for overall hair health.
  • Doesn’t work on receding hairlines

Bottom line

Kirkland’s minoxidil is a no-frills product that gets to the heart of the matter; or, in this case, the scalp of the matter. It’s a strong solution with proven results.

How to apply minoxidil in 7 Simple steps

It’s understandable: you’re experiencing hair loss, and you want it to stop sooner than later – like now. Minoxidil will help deliver results, but there’s a right way to apply it to maximize its effects.

1. Getting started

No hard-and-fast rule says that you need to wash your hair before applying minoxidil. But, if you do, it’s a good idea to dry your hair before you apply minoxidil, whether it’s minoxidil liquid or foam. Most experts, in fact, insist that users should apply it to dry hair and scalp.

2. Use the applicator (for liquid minoxidil)

Liquid minoxidil comes with a syringe-like applicator. Draw out the minoxidil to the recommended amount (1 ml) before applying to your hair and scalp.

3. Apply it evenly

Part your hair where hair loss and thinning are obvious and evenly apply minoxidil to the affected areas. Rub it in with the tips of your fingers; make sure to wash your hands after application.

Note: the same method works for applying minoxidil foam; part your hairs into rows at the affected areas and apply the solution to the scalp.

Don’t apply minoxidil foam to the scalp directly, but instead spray it on your fingers and use them to apply it.

4. Let it dry

Let the minoxidil solution dry – it may take up to 25 minutes – before applying other hair-styling products such as gels and sprays.

5. Repeat the process

The usual recommendation is to apply minoxidil twice a day while leaving at least eight hours between applications. The easiest way is to apply it in the morning and then again at night.

Leave plenty of time for the solution to dry before you go to bed, so it doesn’t stain your pillows and bedding.

6. Always use the recommended amount

Applying extra minoxidil won’t bring faster or more dramatic results. It will waste the product, however and cause a bigger mess.

Also, don’t make up for missed applications by doubling up the next day. Instead, pick up where you left off the previous day while striving to apply it twice a day, as recommended.

7. Be patient

It takes time for minoxidil to work its magic. Don’t expect to see results in a couple of weeks, because the chances are it’s going to take a few months. Results may vary by individual.

You can also expect some shedding during the first couple of weeks of taking minoxidil, but that’s a natural part of the process that won’t last long.

Something else that’s important to remember is that minoxidil isn’t a permanent cure for baldness, i.e., you must keep taking it to see results. It’s an effective solution to hair loss as long as you keep using it twice a day, every day.

Various types of “minoxidil”

Minoxidil is something of a catch-all phrase that refers to hair loss products in general, but it’s just one treatment option among a handful of others.

Minoxidil, as we mentioned earlier, is the only over-the-counter medication for hair loss approved by the FDA.

Technically speaking, it belongs to a class of drugs known as vasodilators that dilate blood vessels and improve the blood flow to part of the body, including the scalp.

By increasing blood flow to the scalp, more oxygen and nutrients reach hair follicles to help them grow and be more healthy.

Originally developed in the 1950s to treat ulcers and hypertension, researchers noticed a common side effect of minoxidil, i.e., it caused hair growth on the scalp and body.

Interestingly, doctors still aren’t sure exactly how minoxidil works to treat baldness in men and women, but researchers say that it works for two out of three users.

It’s always worth mentioning that minoxidil is not a cure for baldness. When you stop using it, you’ll start to lose your hair again – and you may even lose it faster than before.


Nanoxidil is a newer weapon in the fight against baldness, and many users report good results while using it consistently.

Nanoxidil refers to a molecule that fights hair loss while minimizing some of the side effects caused by minoxidil and other products. You’ll find nanoxidil in DS Labs’ Spectral DNC-N, which we list in our reviews above.

The main difference between nanoxidil and minoxidil is in their molecular structures. Minoxidil Nanoxidil has a larger molecular weight than nanoxidil , which makes it more easily absorbed by the skin than Minoxidil, due to its smaller size. and, thus, absorbed by the skin better.

Nanoxidil also contains copper peptides that work as an anti-inflammatory, which is a plus for people with a sensitive scalp.

In fact, some researchers argue that nanoxidil is safer for women than minoxidil because of a decreased likelihood of side effects (and women aren’t supposed to use the strong minoxidil 5% version).


Aminexil treats hair loss by improving blood circulation to the scalp, which, in turn, triggers an increase in hair growth. It also helps prevent the hardening of the hair shaft and prevents scarring of the follicles, which may lead to hair loss.

Aminexil has a similar molecular structure as minoxidil and is often used in conjunction with minoxidil as a hair growth treatment. But you can also use it separately.

L’Oreal, the cosmetic company, developed aminexil, which isn’t a licensed treatment for hair loss and isn’t approved by the USDA or the MHRA (Britain).

While there’s no conclusive evidence that says aminexil treats hair loss, there’s also not much evidence that suggests otherwise.


L’Oreal is also responsible for the development of stemoxydine, another chemical that works very similarly to minoxidil. It works to fight hair loss and stimulate new growth by improving circulation to the hair follicles.

It also works by stimulating hair cells stuck in the dormant phase to continue their growth while entering into the anagen phase.

Like minoxidil, stemoxydine comes in a liquid form and is suitable for use by men and women. So far, there appear to be no side effects of using stemoxydine.

4 Products you should be using along with minoxidil to fight hair loss effectively

Fighting hair loss isn’t easy by any means. Why not give your minoxidil treatments an extra boost with the following hair loss/hair growth treatments?

1. Ketoconazole shampoo

Ketoconazole works by controlling fungus growth on the scalp and helps to decrease hair loss. It’s used to treat many kinds of fungal and yeast infections, including seborrheic dermatitis. The latter may lead to dandruff, a red and itchy scalp, and other issues.

While ketoconazole is excellent for fighting dandruff, there’s also evidence that it reduces hair loss while promoting hair growth.

And ketoconazole shampoo is safe to use, in part, because its anti-fungal effects only apply to the scalp and aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream.

Other ingredients found in ketoconazole include:

  • Biotin

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin helps ensure that your body has the right nutrients, which, in part, help facilitate hair growth. Studies show that biotin deficiency may lead to hair loss, which can be reversed with biotin supplements.

  • Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto helps treat hair loss by blocking 5-alpha-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT shrinks hair follicles, and men with male pattern baldness have follicles that are more sensitive to DHT.

  • Caffeine

Caffeine has many uses besides giving a helpful kick-start in the morning. It also helps to increase blood flow to the scalp, which may stimulate hair growth.

Among its other benefits is that it serves as a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals that can lead to premature signs of aging.

Some good ketoconazole shampoos to consider are DS Labs Revita High-Performance Shampoo, Nizoral AD Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, and Ultrax Labs Hair Surge.

2. Finasteride

Most people recognize finasteride by its most common name – Propecia. It’s another effective weapon in the war against hair loss, although it’s for use by men only.

Finasteride, when used to treat male pattern hair loss, blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It’s also used to treat men who have an enlarged prostate.

Propecia is said to block up to 70% of DHT while slowing, halting, or reversing hair loss. You can get it from your doctor or dermatologist (with a prescription), and online, but be careful when purchasing finasteride online, especially from dodgy pharmaceutical websites.

The most common way to take finasteride is 1 mg pill every day. Some people use it every other day while experiencing similar results. You may start to notice hair growth and reduced hair loss within three months of first taking it, but it may also take longer.

Finasteride does have FDA approval, as well.

Propecia is the popular brand name of finasteride, but you can also purchase it from a company called Hims that sells it at a reasonable price.

3. Laser comb or laser helmet

Laser combs and laser helmets utilize low-level laser hair growth therapy (LLLT) to stimulate hair growth while reducing hair loss. Lasers and LED lights radiate energy to hair follicles to enhance the cell metabolism rate while also reactivating dormant hair follicles.

A popular product used for LLLT treatment is the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System, which consists of a plastic helmet with 51 medical-grade lasers. IResore has safety clearance by the FDA and is suitable for use by men and women.

It’s recommended that you use iRestore every other day, and it comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee if you don’t notice results.

Laser combs use similar technology, albeit at a less grand scale, while also promoting hair growth and slowing the rate of hair loss.

You use a laser comb with the same motion as you would with a regular comb, but you should use it for eight to 15 minutes to get the best results.

By comparison, a laser helmet treatment lasts about 25 minutes but offers the convenience of not having to do anything more taxing than placing the helmet on your head.

Many combs are lightweight, including the HairMax Ultima 9 Classic LaserComb, but the back and forth motion may become tiring to some users.

A typical laser comb has 16 laser diodes and eight lights. They tend to cost less than laser helmets.

4. Derma roller

True, derma rollers may seem a bit intimidating – after all, it includes small surgical needles attached to a roller – but many people use them to stimulate hair growth.

The needles of a derma roller cause microscopic wounds on the skin that stimulate the body’s healing response. The theory is this: the body will heal the wounded skin and produce a new layer of that’s better than the previous layer.

It helps stimulate hair growth by, in part, activating growth-stimulating pathways in hair follicles inhibited by DHT. They also activate stem cells in the hair growth area.

Derma rollers serve other purposes, as well, including that they’re excellent for exfoliating the skin on any part of the body, including the face, where it can help treat acne. Many women use derma rollers to rid themselves of stretch marks.

Experts say that you only need to use a derma roller once a week while applying mild pressure to the skin. It’s suggested that you users roll it in up-down and side-to-side motions four to eight times on each area of the skin.

Among the most effective derma rollers for the scalp is the StimuROLLER Hair by DS Laboratories, which is excellent for home use.

How we chose these products

While there aren’t as many minoxidil products out there as, say, anti-dandruff shampoos, that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty from which to choose.

We chose the products for our reviews based primarily on results (does it work or not?) and the reviews of others, particularly customers.

We also wanted a mix of products for men and women, and to provide a balanced price range.

We also considered whether products came in liquid or foam, although that wasn’t as important as other factors because what form people like is mostly a matter of personal preference, not results.

We also considered the potential side effects of each product. While the chances of experiencing side effects while using minoxidil are minimal, they can happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does minoxidil work?

Minoxidil dilates blood vessels to improve the flow of blood to the parts of the scalp, where hair grows. An increased blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients reach each hair follicle to stimulate growth and overall hair health.

What is minoxidil?

Minoxidil is an over-the-counter medication that treats hair loss in men and women. It has FDA approval and stimulates hair growth.

How to apply minoxidil to my beard

Always wash your face thoroughly before applying minoxidil, whether it’s liquid or foam. Liquid minoxidil comes with a dropper that allows you to apply the proper amount in the beard area. You should apply the foam with your fingers.

How long does it take for minoxidil to work?

While minoxidil begins acting on hair follicles immediately, it can take up to four months (or more) to see results. That’s why patience is so important when you first start using minoxidil.

How effective is minoxidil?

While results vary from person to person, most studies show that minoxidil works for about two out of three people. People who are under 40 and have only recently experienced hair loss seem to experience the best results.

What are the side effects of minoxidil?

While the risk of side effects when using minoxidil is low, some users may experience scalp irritation, light-headedness, swelling in the hands and feet, and unwanted facial hair growth.

Is Minoxidil safe?

The last thing you want is to use a product that can have a negative impact on your organs and health.  Minoxidil is considered a safe hair growth treatment because it is FDA approved in the US and in Canada.

Like all other medications, vitamins, boosters, and peptides, minoxidil does have some negative side effects for some users.  Minoxidil was originally produced to treat high blood pressure.  If you are already taking prescription medications for blood pressure problems then you should consult with a medical professional.

It is also important to check your allergies before you buy these products.  Some of the ingredients might cause negative reactions for those with extremely sensitive skin.  A lot of people are allergic to propylene glycol.  If you are also allergic to PG then you should look for a minoxidil hair growth treatment that is PG-free.

Can women use any minoxidil product?

It is important for women and men to only use products that are designed for their body type.  Women who take minoxidil that is designed for men may experience hair growth stimulation in other parts of their bodies.  Facial hair growth or chest hair growth are common side effects if you consume products that have potencies that are too high for your body type.  

Besides the higher potencies, the products for men and women are mostly the same.

How to use minoxidil foam

Make sure your hair and scalp are dry before applying minoxidil foam. Part your hair into rows while looking for thinning areas. Spread the foam over your head (you don’t need a lot of it) and gently massage it into the scalp.

How long does minoxidil last?

Many customers continue minoxidil treatments for many years while continuing to see positive results for hair growth. Research shows, however, that the results may wane after 15 years of consistent use.

How long does minoxidil shedding last?

Many first-time users are surprised to experience hair shedding when first taking minoxidil. But hair loss is temporary, however, and shouldn’t last longer than two to three weeks.

What happens when you stop taking minoxidil?

Hair loss will resume after you stop taking minoxidil, i.e., its effects on hair growth only last as long as you’re using it. Your hair loss and hair growth patterns will return to where they were before you started taking minoxidil.

How to apply minoxidil to long hair

The best way to apply minoxidil to long hair is by using a dropper. Part your hair at the side and place a drop of minoxidil in the back of the part and then rub it over the entire parted area.

Repeat the process until you’ve reached the other side and then place a couple of other drops on your temples.

How to make minoxidil more effective

Make sure your scalp and hair are completely dry before applying minoxidil. Also, don’t shampoo your hair for four hours after application, while using a hairdryer after applying a minoxidil solution can make the treatment less effective.

Where to get minoxidil

Minoxidil is the only over-the-counter hair loss solution approved by the FDA, so you’ll usually find it at your favorite pharmacy or supermarket.

Is minoxidil available as a shampoo?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your minoxidil while taking a shower?  Well, sadly this isn’t possible.  Minoxidil can’t be combined with shampoo formulas without destroying some of the ingredients and benefits of this treatment.  

It also takes a while for minoxidil to be absorbed by the skin cells on your scalp.  In studies, it was found that the scalp absorbs only half of this product in one hour.  It takes about 4 hours before your scalp will absorb 75% of minoxidil.  

This basically means that even if this product could be manufactured as a hair mask or shampoo, you would have to sit with the mixture on your scalp for a minimum of 7 hours just to get it to absorb.  During this time you don’t want to mix other ingredients that could slow down the process or affect the absorption.  If you are using a minoxidil hair treatment it is best to get the session before bed while you are enjoying a few movies, or allow the mask to sit while you sleep. 

There are products with 2% and 5% minoxidil.  Which of these will work better?

Your body will only absorb a certain amount of nutrients per day.  The rest will be discarded.  Studies have however shown that products with 5% minoxidil offer better results than those that only contain 2%.  

Very little research has been done on products that contain beyond 5% minoxidil which means no one can truly tell you if a higher percentage will yield better results or if your body will only naturally discard this excess ingredient.  Products that contain over 5% minoxidil are very expensive.  It is probably better to stick to a more affordable 2 – 5% product that you know will offer good results and good value for money.


Minoxidil is one of many solutions for treating thinning hair and hair loss. It’s worked for many men and women over the years and remains an effective tool in the fight against baldness.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Do you use minoxidil? If so, what product? We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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