5 Best Stubble Trimmers for the Shortest Perfect Beard

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best stubble trimmers

Facial hair has not only been a statement of style, but also of identity ever since mankind started taking fashion seriously. 

And it continues to this day. Your choice in beard styles can make a great first impression by showing off your masculine appeal, no matter what social or professional situation you’re in. 

However, it’s not entirely feasible to visit a salon every time you need a cut. In this article, we review the best stubble trimmers you can buy today and help you pick out the best one based on the type of user you are. A quality trimmer can change the way you think about facial hair, and indeed, yourself. It can save you a lot of time and energy, and help you take your grooming more seriously. 

In a hurry? Here are our top picks:
Best for Versatility, Battery Life, Traveling Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000


Stubble is one of the most popular looks for men today.

But too many men seem to assume that simply leaving their facial hair to grow for a few days is all it takes to cultivate a stylish, GQ-ready stubble. Life isn’t that easy.

The best stubble trimmers are a godsend to men – not only do they help you achieve perfect designer stubble, but they are also affordable, versatile, and above all easy to use. An effective stubble trimmer will get you the shape and size you need without any hassles. 

And in this review, we’ve rounded up the 5 very finest stubble shavers you’ll find anywhere. These are from excellent trimmer brands, and have the best quality of materials used in their construction.

But we know just having the best trimmer isn’t always enough. You need to know how to use it in the grooming process. You also need to know which type of trimmer to use based on your beard type.

So we’ve also put together an illustrated guide to help you trim your stubble better, as well as a short explanation as to what makes each type of trimmer distinct.

But before all that, let’s make sure you understand exactly what it is you’re looking for with a face trimmer.

Quick summary

bb2-table__imageConair Man Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer
  • Ergonomic, extremely usable design
  • Advanced blade technology
  • Minimal maintenance is required
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bb2-table__imagePhilips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000
  • Versatile, includes a variety of accessories
  • Can be used corded or cordless
  • Battery that lasts up to 5 hours when fully charged
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bb2-table__imageConair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer
  • Affordable option, good value for money
  • Easy to change settings and adjust lengths
  • Blades cut with precision, quickly and cleanly
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bb2-table__imagePhilips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000
  • Life & Trim PRO system
  • Sharp DualCut blades
  • 40 adjustable length settings
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bb2-table__imageRemington MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer
  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Can be used corded or cordless
  • Features a vacuum chamber that collects trimmed hair
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Before you buy: 11 Things you have to consider and look for when buying a stubble trimmer

1. Motor power

With any electric trimmer, you need to be aware of the power you’re working with; not only does it affect how well the trimmer works, it also affects how easy it is to use, and how efficient it will be.

Many trimmers on our list – like the ConairMAN’s Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Digital Trimmer – have exceptionally powerful motors. And if you’re looking for a hassle-free experience, this should be a major consideration.

2. Length settings

To achieve a very specific, detailed stubble, you need a trimmer that allows granular precision. And that means it must offer plenty of variation in length settings, so you are in complete control of your stubble’s length, texture, and shape. A lot of men prefer a different length and style for work, and might want to switch their looks up over seasons.

A great option in this regard is Philips’ Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000 , which provides 40 different length settings, going from 0.4mm all the way to 20mm, making it great for both long beards and very short, intricate stubble.

3. Cord or Cordless

You need to determine whether you want a cordless trimmer or not – and how important it is to you. Being able to use the trimmer anywhere, and move it around with total freedom, is vital for many men. On the other hand, a corded trimmer will give you more power and no danger of the battery running out.

Again, Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000 is ideal here, as it can be used both whilst charging and cordless, giving you control over when and how you use it. This gives it an excellent advantage, as you don’t run the risk of running out of juice, and the cord does not restrict your freedom of movement. 

4. Can you travel with it?

How big is your ideal trimmer? Do you need to travel with it? And is it important to be able to?

Just the size of your trimmer is not the only thing you need to keep in mind, as you also need something with a large rechargeable battery. If a trimmer can provide a long battery life for efficient beard trimming, you do not need to carry your charger around with it.

If you travel a lot or simply want to be able to, you should take this into consideration when buying your trimmer, as some are harder to transport than others. And some actually come with a full travel bag. With a portable trimmer, you can always do your grooming on the go whenever you’re away from home.

5. Design and build quality

Clearly, you want to be conscious of the quality of construction and design, and that means you’ll need to learn a little bit about how it’s made and where it comes from.

A trimmer like ConairMAN’s Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Digital Trimmer is very obviously well-constructed and features several smart design features like its flexible shaving heads.

6. Battery life

Battery life matters: having your trimmer run out mid-shave is such a pain, and the longer battery life, the less often you need to worry about that.

A standard battery life would be around an hour, and anything beyond that is great. Some trimmers also charge faster, and others like Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 , boast a mammoth 5-hour battery life.

7. Wet or Dry shaving

Whether you like to shave wet or dry matters when picking a trimmer, as not every product is built for both. Trimmers that do work for both are of course ideal, but if you only ever shave wet, or only ever shave dry, you should be very conscious of this when making a purchasing decision.

8. Your skin and hair type

Any time you’re buying grooming products, you should be hyper-aware of your specific needs. And with a trimmer, it’s your skin and hair type that matters most.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, for example, you’ll want hypoallergenic blades that protect your skin; equally, if you have particularly thick facial hair, you’ll need a very powerful motor to chop through it effectively.

9. Cleaning and maintenance

The best stubble beard trimmers are easy to clean and maintain. You shouldn’t be spending your weekends scrubbing your grooming stuff – it should take no more than a few minutes if that.

Look for trimmers that are waterproof – like ConairMAN’s Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Digital Trimmer – as they can simply be washed at the sink in no time.

10. Versatility

While it’s most important that you have a stubble razor that can actually achieve the look you want, it’s also important to think about how versatile your trimmer is – can it work on other parts of your face? And are you, therefore, getting great value for your money? If there is a particular way in which you shape your beard, getting a precision trimmer is the way to go. 

11. Usability 

While most trimmers work in essence very similarly, there is huge variation in how easy and intuitive they are to use.

For example: ConairMAN’s Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Digital Trimmer has a memory function, meaning it remembers your preferred length settings. This makes it much quicker, easier, and more pleasant to use.

The 5 best stubble trimmers

1. Best overall, precise trimming: Conair Man Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

Conair Man Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

What stands out about this stubble trimmer

  • Powerful motor
  • 24 settings length settings, from 0.4mm to 5mm
  • Flexible shaving head for unmatched accuracy
  • Remembers your length settings
  • 100% waterproof

The best stubble trimmer for

Men who want the best overall beard trimmer for stubble


ConairMAN is an exceptional brand with a history of producing great products. But even for them, the Super stubble Ultimate Flexhead Digital Trimmer is a homerun.

Not only does it feature a supremely powerful motor that will slice through even the toughest, gruffest facial hair you can throw at it – it also features a bunch of smart design innovations that make it the best overall beard trimmer you’ll find anywhere – both offline and online.

First of all, it’s extremely easy to use: The flexible shaving head adjusts to your face and allows for a more accurate, easy shave. And the display continually tells you what length you’re shaving at.

Combined with the memory technology, which allows the trimmer to remember your favored length settings and automatically instantiate them, it makes trimming your stubble an absolute delight.

And the ergonomic design makes it not just easy but comfortable to use, too.

It features 24 length settings, going from 0.4mm to 5mm, which means you can achieve a very detailed, designer stubble look or simply give your full beard a little haircut. And the flip back guide comb makes fine-line trimming and detailing simple and convenient.

It’s also beautifully constructed and highly durable, meaning the admittedly rather steep investment will pay dividends in the long term, as the trimmer just keeps ongoing for years.

The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable, too, which is great. And you can use it totally cordless for full control and freedom when shaving.

And it’s easy to look after and maintain because it’s 100% waterproof.

The only tiny drawback is it doesn’t work quite as well with dry shaves as it does with wet ones.

The good

  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Very precise and powerful
  • Maintenance is minimal
  • Waterproof

The bad

  • Doesn’t work perfectly when dry shaving

2. Best for versatility, battery life, traveling: Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

What stands out about this stubble trimmer

  • Up to 5 hours battery life
  • All in one kit, versatile
  • Waterproof

The best stubble trimmer for

Men looking for a versatile all-in-one electric razor that has unrivaled battery life.


Philips Norelco is included two times in our review of best stubble trimmers and not without a reason. It is a brand that specializes in manufacturing electric shavers since 1939 and, nowadays it is very trusted worldwide.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000 is the best trimmer we’ve found that covers both versatility and battery life.

Let’s explain why.

It comes with 19 trimming attachments which help you cover all areas of your body, including beard and hair. It even includes specific stubble guards making shaving an enjoyable experience. What else could you ask for?

If you thought great battery life then, Philips Norelco has you covered as well. When fully charged, it can last up to 5 hours, which is something very unique when it comes to a trimmer. If that isn’t amazing, what is?

Oh, there’s more!

In the unlikely event that you run out of battery, you can even use it while charging. No wasting your time for the battery to recharge.

Additionally, it is also 100% waterproof which offers great convenience if you like to shave in the shower. Being waterproof also means quicker and easier cleaning, which is always a plus.

As for the motor and blades, we have to say we were amazed by their performance. The blades were sharp enough to cut even thicker beards without any issues.

What acted as a drawback for us is that you cannot buy any additional guards separately if you need more length sizes. That means you are stuck only with what you got, which can be a little bit frustrating for some.

Nevertheless, this is a great trimmer that is definitely worth every penny!

The good

  • Can be used corded or cordless
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with a lot of accessories for beard, stubble, head, and nose cutting
  • Comes with a versatile all-in-one kit

The bad

  • You can’t buy additional guards for more size options. You are stuck with what’s in the box.

3. Best affordable, value: Conair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

Conair Man Super Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer

What stands out about this stubble trimmer

  • 15 length settings
  • Cord & cordless use
  • Great price

The best stubble trimmer for

Men who want a precise, powerful trimmer but don’t want to break the bank


As the name suggests, the I-Stubble Trimmer comes from the same family tree as the Super I-Stubble trimmer. As it also suggests, Conair clearly knows what it’s doing when it comes to stubble trimmers.

There aren’t a lot of differences between the two Conair trimmers, and you really can’t go wrong with either one.

They share the same electro-chemically formed blades that are accurate, sharp, and durable, they both have a unique floating head for precise contouring, they both have an ergonomic design that feels good in your hand and is easy to maneuver.

However, the I-Stubble is not waterproof, and thus, cannot be rinsed under the faucet.

The differences? Let’s take a quick look:

  • The I-Stubble has 15 settings instead of 24
  • The I-Stubble is both cord and cordless
  • The I-Stubble’s run time is 45 minutes instead of the 70 minutes you get with the Super I-Stubble. It also needs a four-hour charge to bring it back to full power; the Super-I Stubble needs an 80-minute charge.
  • The I-Stubble is not waterproof

Other than that, these trimmers are very much alike and very effective. One has a few more bells and whistles, but we think you’ll be well-served by both of them. Here’s another look at the I-Stubble trimmer:

The good

  • Blades cut fast and clean
  • Very affordable
  • Easy-to-set adjustable lengths

The bad

  • Shorter battery life
  • Not waterproof

4. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 5000

What stands out about this stubble trimmer

  • 40 length settings, from 0.4mm to 20mm
  • Life & Trim PRO system
  • Great price

The best stubble trimmer for

Men who have long beards, or are looking for great value


Long beards need trimming too, and that’s why Philips’ Norelco Beard Trimmer Series 500 is so great: it features 40 length settings, ranging from 0.4mm to 20mm. And that means this is a fantastic choice for beardsmen of virtual persuasion.

It might not be the very best short beard trimmer, it’s still a great choice for men who want a more refined, short stubble because the price is exceptional for the level of quality you receive.

While it comes with fewer accessories than others on this list, and some feel the guards it does come with are a little too flexible, you’re very unlikely to find anything of the same quality for this price.

With its Life & Trim PRO system, it lifts low-lying hairs and guides them toward the blade for a more precise and easier shave. And handle grip is also highly ergonomic, making the experience of shaving feel light and easy. Unlike most conventional trimmers, you don’t end up with wrist pains and hand aches after using this trimmer.

The battery lasts for around 90 minutes, and the motor is impressive – not excessively powerful, but enough to get the job done.

Plus it comes with a washable feature, which makes keeping it in good condition very easy.

The good

  • The huge number of length settings let achieve an unusually specific shave
  • The Life & Trim PRO system makes it easier to get at low-lying hairs
  • At this price, it’s an absolute steal

The bad

  • Some find the guards are too flexible

5. Remington MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer 

Remington MB6850 Stubble and Beard Trimmer-min

What stands out about this stubble trimmer

  • Vacuum system that collects trimmed hair
  • Can work on mustache, sideburns – the lot
  • 11 length settings: 2 – 18mm

The best stubble trimmer for

Men who don’t like to clean after their trimming sessions


The Remington MB6850 has a lot going for, including its versatility, functionality, and ergonomics. Its versatility makes it ideal for trimming your facial hair, mustache, necklines, and even other parts of your body if needed.

You might be wondering: What makes this possible?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why:

  • The blades

It features self-sharpening blades that are made out of premium steel. The blades provide consistency and accurate cuts on every use. Rest assured, they are very sharp but keep their edge for a long time without much maintenance. This makes them very durable.

  • Length settings

The Remington MB6850 has eleven length settings that make it easy to achieve your preferred stubble and mustache style. The trimmer comes with an adjustable comb that locks in to provide trims from 2 mm to 18 mm.

  • Battery power

This trimmer can be used corded or cordless. It features a lithium-ion-powered battery that provides up to 90 minutes of cordless runtime.

While its battery life is not the worst you can find in a trimmer, it is not the best either; as there are plenty of other stubble trimmers that last longer. For example, Remington MB4900, as mentioned earlier in the list, features a battery life that lasts up to five hours which is much more convenient, i.e. when you are on vacation.

Nevertheless, 90 minutes is still good enough for the everyday user.

  • Multiple uses

Whether you’re trying to achieve a stubble look that best suits you, or styling a goatee, this trimmer helps you do it. And its precision trimmer makes it easy to do detailed work, such as on your mustache and sideburns.

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

Another thing we like about the MB4040 is that it’s not hard to take care of: the heads are removable, making it easy to remove them for cleaning.

Also, it features an innovative design that includes a vacuum chamber collecting up to 95% of hair when trimming. This makes cleaning faster and easier, which is very convenient.

Overall, despite its battery life, this is a very unique stubble trimmer that will satisfy the needs of any hairy man.

The good

  • Self-sharpening steel blades that are washable
  • Very ergonomic and well-thought design that includes a hair vacuum
  • Can be used corded or cordless

The bad

  •  The trimmer isn’t waterproof, which makes maintenance a little difficult.
  •  Battery life could have been better

How we chose our best stubble trimmers

Certain brands tend to dominate the stubble trimmer market – familiar names such as Panasonic, Conair, Philips Norelco, Remington, etc.

Those brands, at least at this time, seem to have the highest-rated razors, and our task often involved sifting through their many products.

In the end, however, we didn’t rate trimmers based on a brand name or company reputation but took into account other factors, such as ease-of-use, accessories, quality of the blades, and even versatility.

We also evaluated battery life – obviously an important factor for cordless trimmers – and ease of cleaning. Ultimately, we came up with a list that we think you’ll find beneficial.

How to use your stubble trimmer to get the best results in 9 simple, illustrated steps

Once you’ve chosen the right stubble trimmer, it’s time to put it to the test. Proper use of your trimmer isn’t overly complicated, but there are some techniques and other things to keep in mind, nonetheless.

Let your hair grow


OK, so it only makes sense that you can’t trim stubble that doesn’t exist. But you do want to keep a close eye on your facial hair depending on the type of stubble you’re hoping to achieve.

In general, three to four days of not shaving results in what’s known as “stubble.” By four days, most men have enough growth to give their trimmer a true test.

If you’re going for a really short stubble look, then one or two days of growth may suffice – depending on the thickness of your whiskers.

Choose your style


Not all stubble beards are the same. We’ve mentioned the ever-popular 5 o’clock shadow, but there’s also light stubble, which takes the 5 o’clock shadow to the next step, and heavy stubble, which isn’t quite a full beard but one that’s thicker than other stubble styles.

Choosing your favorite style should take into account your face shape, among other things, and don’t assume that a certain stubble look that looks great on another man will also look good on you. Choose the style that works best for you.

Comb your stubble


While “stubble” implies a shorter beard length, you should still comb it – and your mustache – before you begin trimming, especially if you have three to four days of growth or more.

Always comb your beard and mustache in the general direction of its growth to ensure that any long hairs will be lifted to stand out from the rest.

And it’s always a good idea to use a quality beard comb – one that will serve you well no matter what type of beard you choose.

Choose the length of your stubble


This step is along the same lines as the first step and is just as important.

While there are no set-in-stone rules about what length of beard works for each man, there is a rule of thumb that says men with lighter-colored facial hair can wear longer stubble than men with darker hair.

Whether you choose a shorter or longer style, always strive for a uniform look.

Adjust your trimmer comb’s length setting


Becoming comfortable with your trimmer’s different length settings is important for becoming adept at trimming your stubble.

Most trimmers come with a variety of length settings, but we recommend starting with a longer setting and adjusting it as needed because there’s no turning back if you trim your stubble shorter than intended.

Moreover, don’t attempt different styles of stubble until you’re comfortable with your trimmer and all of its settings.

The trimming process


In general, always trim toward your chin. Use steady, smooth strokes that slightly overlap to ensure that you cover the entire area.

It’s also important to keep your neck in mind, i.e., whether you decide to fade the stubble into your neckline for a more natural look or to shave the neckline altogether.

Don’t forget the details


Remove your guide comb once you’ve finished trimming your stubble into a uniform look. Your next task is detail work that includes checking for – and trimming – stray hairs; there’s always a few that get missed in the initial trim.

A word or two about trimming your mustache


There are a few things to know if your “look” includes a well-trimmed mustache. First, hold your trimmer in a vertical position with the blades facing you. Doing so creates nice definition lines in your mustache.

If you prefer a tapered mustache, it’s helpful to start with a medium length comb. Start at the middle of your mustache and trim upwards across the top lip and work your way to the edges.

Always clean your trimmer


Clean your trimmer after each use, whether that’s with a brush – that may come with your trimmer – or with water if the trimmer is waterproof. Keeping your trimmer clean helps ensure that it continues to trim your beard efficiently, while also extending its longevity.

How a stubble trimmer compares to other types of trimmers

Stubble trimmers, beard trimmers, razors – what’s the difference? In some cases, the difference isn’t all that much. In others, well, their clearly different types of tools for different jobs.

Let’s start with stubble trimmers and work our way through the various types of razors and trimmers.

Stubble trimmer

Perhaps the best place to start in describing what a stubble trimmer is to define what is meant by “stubble.” The stubble style is pretty popular these days for a lot of reasons, but not every stubble style is the same.

Specifically, stubble is short facial hair kept trimmed between 0.4 and 5 mm. Most men can achieve this length in 3 to 5 days, or longer, depending on their natural ability to grow whiskers.

The 5 o’clock shadow comes to mind for many people when the term stubble comes up, but there are longer and shorter stubble styles.

The bottom line is that stubble by itself can start to look a bit untidy if not kept trimmed, which is where the stubble trimmer comes into play.

A stubble trimmer enables you to keep your stubble whiskers at the same length, which makes for a more attractive stubble look overall.

Stubble trimmers are very similar to beard trimmers. The major difference, however, is that a stubble trimmer maintains short facial hair, while a beard trimmer works best for longer styles.

Stubble trimmers are very similar to beard trimmers. The major difference, however, is that a stubble trimmer maintains short facial hair, while a beard trimmer works best for longer styles.

To break it down even further, the razor guards on most stubble trimmers allow you to go down to 0.5 mm in length, while the minimum length a beard trimmer allows is typically 1 mm.

Most stubble trimmers come with a variety of length guards, with all of them designed to trim shorter beard styles. Many of them also serve as mustache and sideburn trimmers, with some even work to trim other areas of your body.

Beard Trimmer

If your beard is longer than stubble, or if you’ve let your new beard grow for four to six weeks, then it’s time to put away your stubble trimmer and reach for a beard trimmer.

It’s also true that some – but certainly not all – beard trimmers can help you achieve the stubble look – but use a stubble trimmer if you plan to keep your whiskers extremely short.

Beard trimmers have longer length settings than stubble trimmers, and their blades should rarely if ever, touch your skin. A beard trimmer provides a variety of grooming benefits, including:

  • They allow you to shape your beard into whatever style you prefer
  • You don’t have to worry about the blades leaving nicks and cuts on your skin
  • They help you give your beard an even, uniform look.

Like stubble trimmers, beard trimmers come with a variety of attachments and length guards. Some have interchangeable guard combs, while others have fixed combs that move with an adjustable wheel.

The general purpose of guard combs is to pull individual beard hairs tight as you trim, which ensures a more even cut.

It’s nice to have a range of options when it comes to length settings on your beard trimmer. In general, the more intermediate settings you have, the better.

Electric shaver

Electric shavers, or razors, whichever term you prefer, aren’t meant for trimming your beard, but rather for shaving your whiskers. In other words, they don’t do the detail work of beard and stubble trimmers, but they take care of the heavier work of actual shaving.

One of the advantages electric razors have over other types of razors – cartridge, twin-blade, safety, straight-edge, etc. – is that they allow you to complete the task of shaving in less time.

They’re ideal for men on the go, or for anyone who doesn’t feel like dealing with the “mess” and potential nicks and cuts.

Electric shavers come in two types – foil and rotary.

  • Foil shavers have oscillating blades covered with thin, metal foil. The foils lift your whiskers and then guide them into the blade. Foil shavers have been around for 100 years or so, and many come with different cutting blades and spring-loaded heads.
  • Foil razors are, in general, better for men with relatively fine facial hair that’s not overly long, as well as for men who prefer to shave in straight lines. They’re also good if you plan to use your shaver every day.
  • Rotary shavers have three circular heads that cover a spinning cutter blade. An outer guard guides hair into the blades. This type of razor is best used with a circular motion that enables you to follow the contours of your face and makes it easier to shave around tricky areas such as your neck and chin. Most of them also pivot in different directions.
  • Rotary shavers work well for men who have thicker, coarser beards, or if you’re cutting whiskers that have grown longer – like when you go a weekend without shaving. They’re also good if your beard hair grows in different directions, particularly around the neck area.

Hair clippers

The names say it all when it comes to hair clippers, i.e., they’re designed to trim the hair on your head and not your face. It’s easy to confuse hair clippers with hair trimmers, but there are some important differences.

The biggest difference between a hair clipper and a trimmer is that clippers are basically designed to cut longer hair. For example, while good trimmers can have adjustable lengths up to a few centimeters, these will not work great on your hair. 

Clippers come with several comb attachments, much like stubble and beard trimmers, with each attachment adjustable to the length of hair that needs cutting. Clippers are often used to prepare the hair for the final cut and finish.

Hair trimmers work well with shorter or fine hair and typically have thinner blades that make it easy to work on the final details of your hair.

Some trimmers come with attachments but usually not as many as you get with hair clippers. Trimmers do have the ability to cut the hair fairly close to the skin.


Deciding your beard style, size, and shape has never been easier thanks to a complete grooming kit of equipment you can buy today. In this article, we’ve reviewed the best trimmers for your grooming routine you can buy today. There are multiple options based on battery life, charge times, and whether you need a corded or a cordless model.

What are your thoughts? Do you use any of the trimmers on our list? If so, what were your results? Or, what stubble trimmer do you currently use, and why?

As always, we welcome your feedback!

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  • My old stubble trimmer recently died. I never used the guide comb, went against the grain, and it never cut my skin, or even pinched it. I bought a replacement, and the first thing that it did was to cut my neck. I’ve searched for stubble trimmers that won’t cut my skin (without the guide comb) but can’t find one. Does anyone make one guaranteed not to cut me? I don’t keep the stubble, but I used the stubble trimmer to make my thick heavy beard easier for my electric razor. Thanks in advance.

  • ConairMAN trimmer – I need this machine, I always want to maintain the 2.5mm look, but don’t have the tools in order to do so. Therefore I typically let it grow to caveman size until I do a clean shave because I get lazy. The problem with that is that it puts co-workers and friends in for a surprise. This tool would be great for me so I can keep the look I want and not have to keep going from one extreme to the other just to get the look I want for a couple of days.

  • I have had an istubble for a few years, and now the battery is so bad it doesn’t even work well when plugged in. I need a product like this because I can’t shave- no matter what kind of electric or blad I’ve used, I get such a bad rash that I bleed, but with the istubble, I’m not actually shaving, so no rash. I think I’ll get the Conair with the bigger battery, it’ll peobably last longer. By the way I trim my head with it as well.

  • Hello Domen-
    I am looking for a corded stubble trimmer that keeps facial hair in the 0.4mm-1.0mm range. In a previous post ,the Andis Professional GTX T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer (Black, 04775) was recommended, but that trimmer does not go below 1.5mm. I’ve looked around a fair bit and have come up empty handed. Are you aware of anything on the market?

  • I had a Conair Man I-Stubble Ultimate Flexhead Trimmer for several years (2-3) and then once the battery died I got a Remington MB4040 Lithium Ion Powered Mustache & Stubble Trimmer. The Remington sucks if you are looking for a stubble shaver! You have to buy an attachment to stubble shave because the main comb piece for STUBBLE shaving doesn’t come with it just the piece for long beards. For anyone wanting a STUBBLE shave… buy Conair as it’s built-in to the shaver. Just returned my Remington today to Amazon…for another Conair.

  • Great article Domen!

    I’ve been using the regular i-stubble trimmer for about two weeks. I start by flipping the guide comb back and use the base blade for trimming my cheek and neck lines, then snap it back and use the .04mm setting to trim the rest. Easy and fast use. It leaves a nice 1.5-2 day stubble. I trim 5-6 days a week. The power is average at best. If it had more power, I’d give this 5 out of 5.

    Do you think the super i-stubble is worth the extra ~$40? Do both trimmers have the same blades, cutting technology and motor? The main selling points of the super i-stubble are better battery, wet/dry feature, 100% waterproof and length memory setting. Charging the regular i-stubble about once a week is no big deal. I don’t need the wet/dry feature, but 100% waterproof is nice for cleaning.

    • Thank you. It really depends on the individual. If I recall correctly, yes. The cutting technology is the same, I can testify that from personal experience. Though as you mentioned, the Super I-Stubble is a bit more convenient. The extra ~$40 really comes down to the individual’s budget. I’d suggest you stick with the regular I-Stubble, runs its course, and then try the Super. I don’t think it’s worth switching for the Super just for the added convenience if the regular still works well.


      • Amazon has a flexible return policy, so I can return the regular i-stubble within 30 days. I was still curious about the super i-stubble, so I ordered it and received it yesterday. The motor seems more powerful and snappier compared to the regular i-stubble, which is a good thing. The motor is also slightly louder. The longer lasting lithium-ion battery is also a good feature. I wouldn’t use it in the shower, but the 100% waterproof wet/dry feature is nice for cleaning. The blade is also slightly longer, so a wider cutting area. Other than that, it shaves the same as the regular i-stubble. I’ll test it out some more and make my final decision. At this point, I’m leaning towards returning the regular and keeping the super.

        I did

  • Dear Domen – read all these reviews so helpful. I am trying to decide between i-stubble and i-stubble super and would need to know how much a battery is important. If it is an important element to decide about a trimmer then I will definitely go with the super. Appreciate your reply. Other than the battery operation I find both the i and the super almost the same. I don’t have any concern with the cleaning the trimmer under water. Thanks

    • Hey Ali,

      That’s entirely on you. The I-stubble has a 45-minute runtime while the Super I-stubble has a 70-minute runtime. If you don’t mind charging the i-Stubble after every 1-2 uses than it is probably best for you if you don’t care about water resistance.

  • What is the best stubble trimmer that can also close shave my cheek, neck, and jaw lines? Would prefer to not have a separate razor for outlining and detail work. Thanks!

    • On the I-Stubble you can flip the guide down and do detail and outlining work very efficiently. However, you will still have to use an electric shaver or razor to get the closest shave where you don’t want hair.

  • I would like to have a “stubble” type look, and a corded option so that I don’t have to deal with batteries. What are some good bets that can also do a close shave (for outlining?) Would an Andis T-blade be helpful? Such as the 05110. I don’t feel like I need a water-resistant one.

  • I like to keep my stubble length at about 3 but i can’t find a trimmer that lifts up my soft hair and it the guard then just comb over my stubble beard and leaves an uneven trim. I then end up pushing a bit harder onto my face to try and get under the softer hair but it can end up trimming shorter than a 3 and leave it patchy.
    Can you recommend a good trimmer that would help lift the the hair into the blades and not just glide over the hair?

  • I’m looking for a stubble trimmer that is waterproof and has a detail blade for sharp edges. Most don’t appear to have that ability.

    • Hey Rich,

      You could flip the guide down on the Super i-Stubble for detailing (works quite well), or get the water resistant Philips Norelco beard trimmer 7200, which has a detail attachment.

  • Hello, I am interested in conair/babyliss super stubble trimmer, and I was wandering, what if I take the comb off, is it safe enough to shave all my head and beard that way? Can the blades hurt my skin without the comb?

    • Hey Tavis,

      Haven’t tried it myself, but I figure it should be as long as you are careful. I’d suggest you trim your hair down to about 1 mm with a regular trimmer if your hair is longer and then finish with the i-Stubble. Go slow and don’t apply too much pressure.

  • Hey i want to ask if Philips QT 4005/15 is any good like 4014 version… Actaully 4014 is not available here so i m thinking about buying 4005 version.. I want trimmer for stubble

      • Is the Babyliss E886E better than the Conair I-stubble?
        Also, can these be used for shaving the head?

        • They are pretty much the same product. As for shaving your head with it, haven’t tried it, but I don’t see why not. Just go slowly.

  • Great reviews. I was wondering which would be the best beard/stubble trimmer for a coarse beard that allows for stubble as well as a short to medium beard? So I guess the most length settings and best for power/blades. I was looking at possibly the Philips Norelco QT4070/41 Beard Trimmer 7300 and Conair Super Stubble Lithium Ion Series Shaver. Conair seems to go from 0.4-5mm while Philips is 0.5-18mm. Both seem to be around the same price. Are there any others you would suggest?

  • I don’t understand the fascination with these stubble beards. It is the least comfortable point in the process of growing a beard, the length is far too short for hairs to “shingle” together and create an even appearance (stubble actually accentuates flaws and inconsistencies), and since it doesn’t “bulk up” the face it ends up making you look kinda unkempt and dirty. I know a lot of guys only do this because they feel old it’s the only beard their owners will allow them to grow, but guys need to grow a beard to at least 1.5″ at least once so that they’ll know what a beard will really look like. I bet if these stubble fans did that most would not go back. Also, stop trimming your necklines at the jaw: it looks weird. The neckline should go at the boundary of the head and the neck.

    • I go for a heavy stubble when I shave my head – I feel a full beard may be overpowering.

      Some guys don’t have a choice at all. They are stuck with the stubble because their facial hair is too sparse.

    • 100% disagree as I’ve been a stubble shaver (2-3.5mm) for at least 7 years. The Conair is the only one with a stubble comb built-in to lift the hairs and cut them evenly. You say, ” It is the least comfortable point in the process of growing a beard” and this is very much not true. After maybe 4mm at least but I, and I’m sure many others, do not wish to have it grow as far. This is for guys that do not wish to use a razor blade against their skin and yet have a nice stubble appearance but not the uncomfortable beard feeling.

  • I’ve been through a few of the I-stubble trimmers now – I had the battery quit on 2 and a 3rd just broke. I like that this trimmer allows me to get my stubble as short as a I can with the 0.4 mm setting, followed by running over my beard with the guard off.

    I see the Philips Norelco QT4014/42 Beard Trimmer 3500 has good ratings on Amazon and it is less expensive than the I-stubble. But it only goes down to 0.5 mm, and I’m wondering if I’ll be sacrificing the closeness I get the the I-stubble.

    Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hey John,

      If you don’t intend to use it just for stubble (below 5 mm), and don’t mind the few extra dollars–get the i-Stubble. You won’t regret it.

  • Used i-Stubble for about 6 years. Yes, battery sucks, but works great. Today realized that battery is almost dead. Which one do you suggest to buy? The same or Super? Wouldn’t mind to spend more for better battery but I was really satisfied with the comb and length settings. Does Super have the same comb and length settings?

    • Yes go with the super. The super has a lithium ion battery, so it should last longer. Same comb, same length settings.

      • I have had an istubble for a few years, and now the battery is so bad it doesn’t even work well when plugged in. I need a product like this because I can’t shave- no matter what kind of electric or blad I’ve used, I get such a bad rash that I bleed, but with the istubble, I’m not actually shaving, so no rash. I think I’ll get the Conair with the bigger battery, it’ll peobably last longer. By the way I trim my head with it as well.

  • Which one would be the best to get the closest trim possible. I cannot shave as I get irritation and ingrown hairs but I cannot have a beard due to my job so something that can make it look like its shaved. I heard there is a 0.1 mm trimmer, that sounds dangerously close but what would you recommend?

    • Hey Aleks,

      I’d definitely recommend you to go with the i-Stubble, it’s lowest setting with the comb on is 0,4 mm–which is about less than a day’s growth if you ask me. And if you take the comb off it goes even lower, something between 0,3 and 0,1 mm.

      • So this is closest stubble possible? Using the concur with no guard? My goal is to be slightly above a razor shaved face and below what a normal beard trimmer can cut using NO guard.


        • Hi Veiny,

          The Conair i-Stubble. The 0.4 is with the comb on. With the comb off it goes even lower. And that’s pretty much it. The next lower setting would be an electric shaver–and you don’t want that, it’s like a razor shave.

          The best one is the Super i-Stubble as its fully washable and has a superior battery. (Costs a bit more thought).

    • I have the exact same issues as you do, irritation and ingrown hairs, when I shave (manual or electric). I resorted to using the I-Stubble several years ago and it really helps out. I use it without any comb and it gets my beard short, but not too short as to cause irritation and ingrown hairs. Mine just died after a couple of years of use and I am trying to decide if I should go with the much higher priced super or not.

  • I had to return all three Babyliss/Conair i-stubbles I ordered – none of them would hold a charge at all after the required 16 hour charging period. Unless you have nothing better to do than charge and return razors, try Norelco, I am about to.

    • That’s unfortunate. I have my i-Stubble for over a year now and the battery still holds fine. Try to find the “Super i-Stubble”, it has a lithium ion battery.

    • It’s not available anymore. If you don’t care about the water resistant feature of the “Super i-Stubble” either get the regular “Conair for Men i-Stubble”, the “Babyliss BPSS1 I Stubble The Ultimate in Stubble Control Trimmer” or the much cheaper “Conair Cordless/Rechargeable i-Stubble® The Ultimate Trimmer”.

      They all share the best and single most important feature — the floating contour head. It’s way better than anything else out there for keeping a stubble.

      • Regarding the contour head, your article actually says that the Philips vacuum trimmer also has a contour head.

      • It looks like the ‘Super’ line from Conair are all discontinued — all of which had plugless Li-ion batteries. Everything in Conairs current (2015) lineup have reverted back to NiMH which doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for Li-ion technology in shavers. The good thing is the NiMH batteries are easy to replace if you’re a little bit handy (they are just 2 AAA cells in series with solder tabs).

        It’s a shame they just went back to the previous model of i-stubble that’s not water resistant though. It was probably not cost effective to retool the waterproof case to have a hole for the charging plug. The current model (GMT900C in Canada) has a few improvements — the guard tapers off sooner so you can get at those hairs under your nose without having to flip the guard up and use the bare blades (always a risk) and it remembers the last blade setting — the older model I had would just switch back to 0.4mm automatically.

        IMO the i-Stubble is still the best stubble trimmer on the market with the effective but less elegant Philips Norelcos a decent second place. It’s worth noting there’s a PN model that’s cheaper than the QT4014/42 (case is black) that I would probably stay away from as it appears they’ve cut too many corners with that model.

        • Hey Rob, great comment.

          You can find the ‘Super i-Stubble’ on the “regular i-Stubble” page under the “2 styles” widget on the top right corner on amazon.com.

      • What “stubble” trimmer cuts the shortest?

        My mustache is thicker than the rest of my facial hair and it’s dark so I want it to be shorter than what my Norelco can cut with out the guard. I bought the Norelco and like it except for this fact that it doesn’t cut close enough with no guard on….

        This Conair says 0.4 but that might not be close enough either…

      • What’s the difference between the much cheaper conair cordless/rechargeable i-stubble and the other options by conair? I know the supper stubble is waterproof, but besides the lcd display is there any other difference?
        Having used a non-water proof trimmer, I would definitely like the convenience of a water-proof one, but the supper stubble(available in just one site in my country) is super expensive!

        • It also has lithium ion battery – which makes it last longer. If care about saving some money, just go with the regular one. The waterproof thing is not a big deal (at least, in my opinion).

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